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 Téma: Sports

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Jola


I´m going to talk about sports. We have a lot of types of sport. There are team sports, individual sports, indoor sports, outdoor sports, water sports, ball sports, field sports, extreme sports, racket sports and winter sports.

We need some equipments for different sports. For example For aerobic or fitness we need dumbbel and a floor mat. In tennis or badminton we with a racket and shuttlecock or tennis ball over a net. In baseball you use a bat, ball and mitt or glove. In ice hockey you need a hockey stick, puck, helmet, goal, ice skates and protective padding. For clibing you need climbing shoes, ropes, harnesses and carabiners. For rowing or canoeing you need oars, a paddle, canoe, kayak or boat. For scuba diving you need a wet suit, oxygen tank or breathing mask and goggles.

There are many places where we can play our favourite sport. Tennis, badminton, squash, volleyball and basketball are played on a court. Football and cricket are played on a pitch. American football, baseball and rugby are played on field. Ice hockey is played on a nice rink. Indoor sports are played in a gym. Rock climbing can be done inside on a climbing wall or outside on mountain and cliffs.

I´d like to say something about how we can score points in different sports. In football is a main task kick or head the ball into the goal. In American football and rugby you get the ball over the line. This is called a touchdown in American footbal and a try in rugby. In ice hockey you hit the bal lor puck into the goal. In volleyball or badminton you try to get your ball or shuttlecock to touch your opponent´s side of the court. In tennis you score a point by having your ball bounce more than once in your opponent´s side of the court, then we can score when our opponent hits the ne tor if his or her ball doesn´t touch your court at all.

In some sports it´s rules, which you must follow. For example you can´t have full body contact in field hockey, basketball and football. Then it´s forbidden to hit the ball too high in field hockey. Also in football, american football and rugby mustn´t to be offsides.

Now I want to tell you something about main sporting events. In most sports there is an internetional competition called a world championship. The Olympic Games are held once every four years. There are Winter and Summer Olympic Games. Athletes or teams from all around the world participate in Olympics. Winter Olympic sports include skiing, ice skating, ice hockey and curling. Summer Olympics, athletes compete in gymnastice, swimming, football and table tennis.

There are too some benefits of doing some sport. You keep your healthy. You can lose weigh or learn the value of fair play. I think that doing some sport is important because it gives you energy and you can make some friends. Sport keeps you active and is a good hobby.

Now  I´m going to talk about me and sports. I love many sports . For example I like tennis or weight trainnig. I enjoy working out in a gym. In summer I like cycling, jogging or wakeboarding. In winter I really like snowboading and skiing and also ice skating. I would like to try windsurfing. Then I want to try again surfing, becuse it was really awsome feeling when I catch the wave and when i was riding on wave.

I go to gym 4 times a week. I tried to go jogging every day after school, but it´s hard to persuade me, beacuse I´m lazy.

I go to gym with my boyfriend or friend. My training classical starting with runnig on the conveyor belt.  Then I go in front of mirror and limber up. Then we decide which part of body we work out. Then we  lift weight or work on ball on excercise on machine.

I prefer practising sports but also I like to watching sports live. I like it because of atmospsphere and that we can support our team.

My favourite football team is Sparta Prague because when I was younger I and my friend go to support this team to stadium.  I don´t have favourite sportsman because I just like the sport and I am not interested in who is playing.


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