Sports and Games – maturitná téma (angličtina)(3)


 Téma: Sports and Games

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): TESS



Sports are very good for active relaxation and are important for our physical and mental health. Everybody can do some sport to keep fit, but if you want to excel in it, you must train hard, be fair and devote a lot of your free time to it.

There are a lot of types of sports and games. We can practise outdoor or indoor sports, in water, in special areas like a football pitch and a court, or anywhere we like.

Outdoor sports are e. g. golf, skiing (cross-country, down-hill, slalom, ski-jump), sledding, windsurfing, marathon-running, fishing, climbing, hiking, mountaineering, horse riding or cycling.

Indoor sports include table tennis, gymnastics or chess. A lot of sports and games can be practised both outdoors and indoors, e. g. ball games, athletics (i. e.  sprint, long-distance running, high jump, long jump or javelin throw), tennis, shooting or skating (figure skating, speed skating or inline skating). Aquatic sports are e. g. water skiing, swimming, diving, water polo, canoeing, rowing or yachting.

In our country ball games are among the most popular ones. They include especially football (called soccer in America), volleyball, basketball or tennis. A lot of people go skiing in the mountains, where there are adapted slopes and downhill runs.

Our sports people have achieved success in top international competitions, especially athletes (decathlonists, javelin throwers or runners), tennis and volleyball players or shooters. Also hockey is played at a very high level here.

Fans like to attend matches and support their team, and others just watch them on TV and keep their fingers crossed for the players. There are many sports channels where you can watch various kinds of competitions, tournaments, championships, cups or races.  All major sports events appear on TV, e. g. Grand Slam Tennis Tournament (Wimbledon or US Open), Ice Hockey League, Premier League or horse-races like Pardubice Steeplechase.

The most important sports event is the Olympic Games (the Olympics).  They are held every four years and have their summer and winter parts which change every two years. There are also the Olympics for the handicapped.

At school we have our physical training lessons (PT , PE) twice a week. Before the lesson starts, we change into sportswear such as T-shirts, shorts, track pants or track suits and sneakers in the dressing room. Then we do a short warm-up exercise. When the weather is good, we go running outdoors ot practise athletics on the school sports field, in winter we stay in the gym and do gymnastics or play ball games.

In our town there are a lot of sports facilities available. Football is played on the pitch near the alley, there are also a few tennis and volleyball courts at the new stadium. In summer we can go swimming in the outdoor swimming pool and we also have an indoor swimming pool with a sauna.  Indoor sports can be done in the school gyms or in the sports hall, we can also go to the fitness centre or go bowling.  In winter we play ice-hockey or go skating on the ice-rink, a lot of people go cross-country skiing or use the slope with a ski-tow near the town.


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