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 Téma: Sports and Games

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Petr Š.



Sport and games are given more and more attention these days. A lot of us move less than people did in the past. It can be the result of a busy and also comfortable lifestyle full of modern inventions like cars, lifts, TV or computers. In fact, sports have positive effect on both, the body and soul as well as our self-confidence. Fortunately, sports are becoming more and more popular. They help us stay healthy, relax, keep fit, be stronger; in other words, you feel better and better every day. Doctors also recommend sports, but only in the right amount and in the right ways.

People do sport in the passive or active way or at the professional level. Doing sport passively means watching your favorite team or athlete on TV. Doing sport actively means regular exercising, training, jogging and so on. Those who do sport at the top level are professionals who are paid for that. They do their best to get great results and win the biggest competitions and contests. But doing sport professionally is not always healthy.

In our country the number one is definitely ice hockey and football. Especially when there is an international ice hockey championship, almost everyone watches the TV and we are supporting our team as well. The English like playing golf and cricket. Of course, tennis is very popular too. Probably the most famous tennis contest Wimbledon takes place there every year. People in the USA are very good at ice hockey and basketball. And baseball is also very popular there.

Every four years athletes from all around the world come together to compete in the Olympic Games. First Olympics were held in ancient Greece to honor the Greek god Zeus.  These days, the Olympics are held every two years, the Summer and Winter Games alternating. The symbols include Olympic fire and Olympic flag. There are five different circles, each represents one of the continents. The next Olympics will be in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.

Usually all sports and games are divided into two groups according to place, where they can be practiced. We can do outdoor and indoor sports. Indoor sports are including for example gymnastics, floorball, table tennis and chess. Among outdoor sports are skiing, hiking, rock climbing, golf and horse riding. Other groups are winter and summer sports, which depend on the weather, temperature or how much snow is outside.

But there are always a lot of possibilities because there are a lot of facilities in almost every town. There are swimming pools, athletic stadiums, football fields, tennis courts or for example ice rinks.

The bad side of sport, especially at the top level is doping. Some athletes use doping for better results although it´s forbidden way. It can also be risky because it is very unhealthy and it can cause health problems and there are high punishments for those who use it.


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