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Téma: Sports

Predmet: Angličtina

Zaslal(a): andyyy



Sports are one of the most popular free time activities. Sports help us to keep our bodies in good physical and mental condition. Doing sports help us lose some weight also and some people do sports to relax.

Many parents want their children to do some sport. Most children do it as a hobby, but some of them later become professionals. I think sport is very good way for children to spend free time. They can learn like to play team and fair game. They can find friends and also improve their health.


We can divide sports into two categories – summer and winter sports.

Among the summer are athletics (for example long and middle distance runs, sprints, decathlon, shot put, jump, high jump), aquatic sports (swimming, rowing, water skiing, surfing), ball games (football, handball, baseball, basketball, volleyball, tennis or golf), cycling, in-line skating, mountain climbing, hiking, sailing, horse racing.


Among the winter sports are skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, bobsledding, skating or ice hockey.

There are also combat sports (it’s for example boxing, judo, karate, wrestling, fencing or rugby).

Most popular sports are football, hockey, tennis, rugby, basketball and volleyball.


In Great Britain they love sports. Lot of sports are originated in Britain. Most popular sport there is football. The British love horse riding.

The Americans are very good ice hockey players. Basketball and baseball are also very popular.

Hockey and football are among the most popular sports in the Czech Republic.


Two of the most important sport events are the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. At first, it was only in ancient Greece. Now held every 2 years and it is most important sport event.


My favourite ball games are badminton and floorball. I play these games with my friends twice a month at school. I don’t watch any sports or Olympic Games on TV.


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