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 Téma: The weather, seasons of the year

 Predmet: Angličtina

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Our country is situated in the temperate climatic zone. We have four seasons of the year. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Every season is something specific and lasts for three months.


The first is spring

  • Spring starts on March according to the calendar. In the spring the nature is changing. Flowers start growing and the grass starts turning green. We can see many fresh flowers and little animals. Spring is the time for planting most types of vegetables and flowers and fruit trees. People who live in the village have many work with gardening. Many people like riding the bike, doing sports as football.



  • Begins on The June. It is very warm, but sometimes are big storms. For students, summer means two months long holiday. Some people travel to foreign countries. In the summer people go swimming, some in a swimming pool, others in a river or a pond.



  • Begins on September. It often rains and drizzles. In the morning there is white fog. It is dangerous for drivers. Birds fly away to countries, where the weather is warmer. The new school year starts. Children must go to the school. Everywhere there are baskets full of apples, pear and plums. 31st October is Halloween. The symbol of Halloween is pumpkin.



  • Begins on December. The main signs of winter are cold days and even colder nights. In the winter it is often snowing. Puddles and ponds are frozen and there is a lot of snow everywhere. Children like building snowman, skating, tobogganing. In December are Christmas. People buy Christmas tree. They give presents. At the end of December, a new year is celebrated.


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