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 Téma: Sports and Games

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The main difference between sports and games is probably that the the game is collective and the sport is more individual. For example football or basketball are games while skiing or swimming are sports.


We can practise some sports and games outdoor and some indoor. For example basketball, ice-hocey, gymnastics are played indoor. Football, baseball, golf, skiing are done outdoor. There are also sports for both categories like swimming, football, tennis and others.


Many sporst have come from Great Britain. The most specific is cricket, it is often called the English national sport. It has never spread to other countries, it is mostly played only in UK or Australia. Other sports that came from Britain are football, rugby, tennis, golf and others. Football is the most popular of these sports. The England national football team played in the first ever international football match in 1872.  Rugby is a contact team sport which originated in England in the first half of the 19th century. It is based on running with the ball in hand. A game is between two teams of 15 players using an oval shaped ball on a rectangular field with H-shaped goalposts on each try line. The gofl came from Scotland in 15th century. Players use different golf clubs to hit balls into a series of holes in as few strokes as possible. Major sporst events in Britain are The Grand Slam Tennis Tournament in Wimbledon, The British Open Golf Championship and others.


In the USA the most popular are baseball, bastketball, ice-hockey, american football and golf. Basketball have its origin here. Baseball has been regarded as the US national sport since the late 19th century, with Major League Baseball being the top league  Baseball is a bat and ball game played between two teams of nine players on each team. They take urns batting and fielding. In the United States and Canada, professional Major League aseball teams are divided into the National League and American League. They have all three divisions – East, West and Central. Basketball is a sport that is played by two teams of five players on a rectangular court. The top league is the National Basketball Association. There is also a long tradition of school sport clubs at all of the high schools and collages.


The Summer Olympic Games were first held in 1896. It is an international multi-sport event that is hosted by a different city every four years. The most recent Olympics were held in Brazil in 2016. The next Olympic Games will be held in Japan in 2020. In each Olympic event gold medals are awarded for first place, silver medals are awarded for second place and bronze medals are awarded for third place. This tradition began in 1904.


The Winter Olympic Games were created because of the success of the Summer Olympic Games and they are also held once every four years. They first strated in 1924. Unlike the Summer Olympic Games, the Winter Olympics feature sports practised on snow and ice. The next Winter Olympics will be held in 2018 in South Korea. Until the year 1992 the Winter and Summer Olympic Games were held in the same years but the International Olympic Committee decided to place the Summer and Wintr Olympic Games in different years. The Winter Olympics were held in 1992 and after the decision they were held again after two years in 1994 and Summer Olmpics were held in 1996.


Symbol of the Games is The Olympic Flag and The Olympic Fire. On the flag are five connected circles, each symbolise one continent. Green is for Australia,yellow is for Asia, red is for America, black for Africa and blue for Europe.


Czech famous sportsmen – We have many famous sportsmen in the Czech Republic. Famous hockey player is for example Jaromír Jágr. Martina Sáblíková is famous for speed-skating. Petra Kvitová is famous tennis player.


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