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London is the capital of England and the United Kingdom.  It is the 9th largest city and one of the most important cities in the world. It has a population of about 9 million. The city is situated on the river Thames


The Romans founded the first major settlement in 43, calling it Londinium. This settlement was burned around the year 61 after an attack troops of the Celtic queen Boudicca. In the 2nd century, be London in one’s heyday and 60000 inhabitants lived here. During the 19th century London became the largest city in the world and  there arose the first metro.


Post-war immigration has changed the composition of the population and London has become a multicultural city. Now are here 60% whites, 20% Asians, 14% blacks, 5.0% mestizos and  1% the others.


In London were held Summer Olympics in 1908, 1948 and also in 2012. London became the first city where the Olympic games were held three times. The most visited sport in London is football and a very popular sport is also rugby.


In London there are a lot of sights. Underground is the oldest underground subway system in the world. There are also 5 airports in London. Largest and most modern airport is Heathrow. Tower Bridge is one of the most famous symbols of London. It was built only in the last century. Trafalgar Square is the main square in London. There are a fountain and Nelson’s column there. There are many parks in London. Hyde park  is one of the largest parks in London, and one of the Royal Parks of London. The British Museum is the largest museum in the world. It has the biggest collection of all kinds of animals and minerals. Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s residence in London.


I think, that London is a very interesting place with a rich history and a lot of wonderful sights, which are definitely worth a visit.


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