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I would like to tell you something about London. This city is the capital of United Kingdom and is situated in the southern England, on both banks of the river Thames, and has over 8 million inhabitants. Tower Bridge is well known because it can be opened for ships to pass through. The climate in London is mild and it often rains there and the entire city is divided into 33 metropolitan areas or 3 parts. Some typical things about London are red double-decker buses, black taxies and underground train system.


London is about 2000 years old and the name probably comes from celtic Llyn (lake) and Dun (fort). In 43 A.D. the Romans created the settlement of Londinium. This part is now being called City of London. In 1045 the fundation stone of Westminster Palace was built and in 1066 William the Conqueror won the battle of Hastings and from this time London is the seat of kings and queens, William the Conqueror was the first one. In 1600 London was the center of everything, but in 1665 the plague affected London and one year after a fire destroyed 80% of the city. Even after WWII and terorrist attacks London is now one of the biggest cities in the world, in 2012 hosting city of Olympic Games for the third time.


In London there are many sights and in one day noone is able to visit all of them. For example Houses of Parlament in neo-gothic style and Westminster Palace is the part of them. In one corner there is so called Big Ben, famous bell clock. Just a „few metres“ away there is The London Eye which never stops. To name some of other sights: Tower of London (royal palace, jail, fortress, royal zoo, museum), Westminster Abbey, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Greenwich observatory, Notting Hill and the monument to remind everyone the Great Fire from 1666.


The city is with over 8 milion inhabitants by far the biggest city in Europe and it’s a home for people of nearly all nationalities. According to tradition the only original Londoners are „Cockneys“ well-known for their accent. Shopping is very popular not only in London. London is divided into 3 parts – City, East End (where british prime ministers live at Downing Street 10) and West End. Of course people like to educate themselves so there are theatres, galleries and concert halls. But I can’t forget about red telephone boxes and newspapers (Times for example). Both things are something like „must-see“ in London and London is very well-known for them. So, how about having a break and going there?


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