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Position and people:

London is the largest urban area and capital city of the United Kingdom, located in the south-eastern Great Britain. The London region covers an area of 1,579 square kilometres and has population over 7 milions. London is a port on the Thames. London people have come from parts of the world to live there. They have brought with then different ways of living and colofrul festivals. London is a multicultural city. There live people for example from India, Bangladesh, China or Pakistan.


Interesting places:

We can see many interesting places in London. The most important place is Buckingham palace, it is the most famous place in the world which has been used as a royal residence since 1837. Now it is residence of Queen Elizabeth 2. The next residences of queen Windsor which is the second the bigest inhabited castle in the world or Holyroadhouse in Scotland which is the summer residence. If we go for a walk we can come to 10 Downing Street, it is the headquarters street of the executive branch of the British Government and the official residence of the First Lord of the Tresury. The next important Lodon street is Oxford street. It is Europe´s busiest shopping street with around half a milion daily visitors and with 300 shops. If someone want to see some interesting palace we can visit Palace of Westminster which is the meeting of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. When people want to see something new and interesting, they can go to National Gallery which is located on Trafalgar Square and has one of the greatest collections in the world and shows paitings from famous impresionist. The next famous place is Westminster Abbey, i tis a large Gothic abbey church in the City of Westminster. If we go along the river we come across to the Tower of London what is a historic castle located on the north bank of the river Thames in central London. The castle was used as a prison and not far from Tower we can see Tower Bridge which is in my opinion symbol of London and characteristic landmark of London. If you want enjoy something interesting you can go to the London Eye which is a giant Ferris wheel on the South Bank of the River Thames in London. I think that if you go for it, it will be experience of a lifetime and after after riding on this huge wheel you can inspect nearby Big Ben, it is the large bell weighing 13 tons. And because everybody sometimes needs some relax, he can go to Hyde Park which is the largest one mainly famous for it´s Speaker´s Corner or to St. Jame´s Park which is the oldest green spaces in the city. And on the other side if you would enjoy some city tourism you can go to Trafalgar Square which is the busiest part of London with Nelson´s Columm and four lions or you can go to Picadilly Circus which is famous for exact geometric appearance.



London has an excellent transportation system to get you where you need to go. The London Underground or tube is the world´s first underground railway for passenger begining service in 1863. The city´s bus line is know for it´s famous red double-decker buses. If you sit on the top deck, you will get a nice view of the sights on your journey.


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