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I would like to speak about London. London is the capital city of the United Kingdom with a population of almost 8 million, it’s one of Europe’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities. A mix of people from all over the world have made it their home.


The city is 2,000 years old. In AD 50 the Romans chose to settle here and created the city of Londinium next to the River Thames. The River Thames was useful for merchant ships and trading, and today the river is still important for transport and tourism. The river Thames is the longest river in England and the second longest in the United Kingdom, after the River Severn.
The climate is mild, there are no real weather extremes.  Winters are milder than they would normally be for the latitude because of the warming effect of the North Atlantic drift.  Summers are occasionally hot but 50 per cent of the year the skies are cloudy and overcast.


Some famous places not to miss include the Houses of Parliament

The Houses of Parliament are also known as Westminster Palace. The palace in its current form was built in the nineteenth century.

Big Ben is really the name of the bell inside the clock tower., the Tower of London because it’s a famous historical building The Tower of London was a royal residence before it was used as a prison. It is also where the Crown Jewels are housed. Tower Bridge (which can raise to let ships pass through) walk across the Tower Bridge, see the River Thames, and ride on the London Eye because it allows you to see the whole city. There are several museums with large collections that are free to the public, such as The British Museum because you can see artefacts from all over the world,  The National Gallery because some of the world’s most famous paintings are there and the Science Museum. Tourists also come to London to see Buckingham Palace, one of the Royal Family’s palaces, It is an official residence of the Queen Elizabeth 2. It is surrounded by park. Tourists come to see changing of the Guards. The guardsmen wear red coat and black helmet. There are almost 800 rooms. The palace also has cinema, doctor s surgery, post office or swimming pool.


Westminster Abbey

St Paul’s Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral has dominated the City of London for almost 14 centuries. It was this church that Londoners tried to save during the Great Fire of 1666. After the fire, great architect reconstructed it into a cathedral. In 1666 the Great Fire broke out and destroyed almost all the city.


Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square is the main square in London. There are a fountain.
The London Eye (the tallest observation wheel in the world), London Eye is 135m high There are 80 capsules each weighs 10 tonnes. There is space for 25 passengers in each capsule.Greenwich (with the Prime Meridian) and other attractions. You can come to shop along Oxford Street, Covent Garden or at Camden Market. Londoners and visitors enjoy the city’s large green spaces, including Hyde Park and St James’s Park. Hyde Park is especially famous because of its ‘Speakers Corner’, where people can stand up in public and speak on almost any subject.


London transport is one of high quality. We can travel here by the Underground, known as “ the tube “ . It’s very quick and cheap. London underground is the oldest in the world.  It was build in 1863. Buses or red doubl deckers don’t go very fast in the centre, because there is always so much traffic. There are 2 sorts of bus stops:ordinary stops and request stops, where if you want to get on a bus, you must hold your hand out.
Another kind of transport are famous taxis also called Black cabs.
London has 3 main airports: Heathrow, Gatwick and City Airport.


London is a multicultural city, so there are many opportunities to eat dishes from all over the world. London has many markets where you can buy fruit, vegetables, exotic foods, interesting clothes or just enjoy the atmosphere. The city of London is an important business and finance centre, and London has a huge influence on fashion, culture, politics, entertainment, media and sport across the UK and Europe.


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