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Téma: London

Predmet: Angličtina

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London is with population of about 7 milion people, one of the biggest cities in Europe and for centuries it has been a the capital of Great Britain. The city extends on both banks of river Thames. In London we can see lots of very interesting sights and London has an excellent transportation system to get you where you need to go.The London Underground, or tube, is the world’s first underground railway for passengers, beginning service in 1863.


The city’s bus line is known for its famous red double-decker buses. If you sit on the top deck, you will get a nice view of the sights on your journey. For London are typical black cabs too. The London´s taxi drivers have an excellent reputation.


How I already said. There are many historical landmarks in London. You should definitely visit Tower Bridge, wonderful bridge over the river Thamesand one of the symbols of the city. Next touristattraction is famousLondon Eye. It´s a giant ferries wheel situated on the bank of the river. This attraction offers wonderful views and allows you to see to see the whole city.  You can´t forget go to the Houses of Parliament. They are located next to the River Thames. The clock tower on the northwest corner of the Houses of Parliament, commonly known as Big Ben, has become the very symbol of the city itself. Finished in 1858, at almost 100 metres high, it is believed to be one of the most famous clocks in the world. Another very interesting sight is Buckingham palace, where the british royal family lived. There are many different museums in London like National Gallery located on Trafalgar square or Tate gallery.
London is known for parks as well. Hyde Park is the largest one, mainly famous for its Speaker’s Corner. Here, people, often standing on chairs or boxes,could make speeches on anything they wanted and they can´t be punish. St. James’s Park is one of the oldest green spaces in the city.
London is also home of 5 fotball clubs playing Premier Legue( the highest football ligue in England). And in All England Club takes place a big tennis tournament Wimbledon. Last summer were in London Olympic Games.


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