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The American education system is one of the best in the world. Students can choose from private or public schools. Each state in the United States has different rules and age distributions.


US children can start their education at the age of 3. At this age they enter preschool. Here they are until 4 years old. Then they go to kindergarten at the age 5 to 6 years old. But visiting these two education places is often optional. It depends on the individual state, but I think, I sad this information earlier to you.


Compulsory primary schooling has got three levels: Elementary school, Junior high school and High school. Children enter Elementary school at the age of 6 and finish at age of 10.  At the age of 10 they go to the Junior high school or Middle school, it depends on what we call it, but both are correct. It’s something like our 2nd grade of primary school. And there they are for 4 years. When they complete this school at age of 14 they go to the High school, somewhere I also saw the name Secondary education. Students complete this education at the age of 18. High school in the USA ends with a diploma called the High School Diploma.


In the US high schools there is a credit system. That means that students must get a minimum number of credits to get high school diploma. Students must pass intelligence tests, SAT to show how well they prepared for further study. Universities select their future students based on SAT results.

There is another way, how to go to university, sports-talented students can get university scholarships and it’s a great financial support for their future studies.


Especially in US high schools are really important afterschool activities. These are often sports and sports activities such as American football, athletics, gymnastics, running, basketball, ice hockey, badminton, bowling, tennis, golf, football, lacrosse, volleyball or swimming. Almost every school in the United States has an own sports team and school team players are really popular in their school.


Between afterschool activities also include, for example, chemistry, painting, reading, music, dance, law, rhetoric, foreign languages, workshops, cooking or volunteering. These activities can help students know what they enjoy and prepare them for the studies they would like to study.

After high school students can go to the Post-secondary education or to Graduate education.


Plus interest at the end, in the US the marks are written with the letters A to F. They add plus and minus signs to these letters. The best is A+ and the worst is F-.

I think each of us has seen this marking and the popularity of sports-talented students in American high school films. These are really typical signs of the US school system.


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