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 Téma: Education

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Kunc


At first I would like to say something about the education systém in our republic. Children from 3 to 6 years of age visit kindergarden. Aproximately when the kids are 6 years old they start visiting elementary school and after 5 or 7 years they can leave this school and start visiting lower secondary school or wait for the 9th class and then go to the upper secondary school. in our system, education is 6 to 15 compulsory.  upper secondary school ends with maturita exam or you get certificate from specialized school. After this you can go studying at tertiary schools. We have public schools, private schools and denominational schools.(run by durch) Normally you have to pay for tertiary studies, but it’s possible to pay even for private secondary schools Classes usually start at 8 or 7 a.m. and finish in the afternoon (sometimes early, sometimes late). In our schools you can get marks 1 best, 5 worst, or in same schools like ours there are systems.


In Great Britain it’s not all the same. The school finishes in the afternoon, but starts at 9 a.m., and they have only 6 weeks of summer holidays. Still they have more holidays and days off during the year than in our republic. Compulsory education is from 5 to 16 yers old. In UK there are state schools without tuition fees and public schools with tuition fees, usually very expensive. Pre-primary schools are the same case, elementary schools are usually until 11 years. From this age they do the secondary education until 16 years. There are 3 types of secondary schools – comprehensive schools, grammar schools and secondary modern schools. Then there is a special so called Sixth Form and people here study for a GCE A-level. This is necessary for the entrance to a higher education institution. If they don’t want to take this test, they can study further education college, agricultural colleges and design colleges.


Now something about our school. It was founded in 1993 and it’s a private school, so students have to pay tuition fees, but it’s not that big. The community is not big so everyone knows everyone and the environment is very friendly. We do not recieve marks, but results in percentage. It helps to improve ourselves because we see our real level of knowledge. 67,3% is better than „mark 3“. Students can follow six-year study programme or four-year. We have excellent sport facilities and we do many outdoor activities, such as skiing, rafting or riding a bike. Our school even coorporates with other schools abroad.


In my point of view, I’ve learnt everything I want in the kindergarden. What I’ve learnt at elementary school is additional, but in this world very essential. I was happy and unhappy at elementary school, beacuse my mum works at the same school and teachers were making fun of me together with my classmates and I didn’t appreciate it. But I was made of steel and survived. Right now, I’m here doing this exam and after this, if I pass, I will follow my studies in Brno at economical college. My most favourite subjects is of course english, but in last years I’ve found myself even in maths even though it’s sometimes very difficult. But because my mum’s a teacher I’ve always had good marks. And after a tough school year we need to rest, so holidays are the opportunity for this. I use it as a relaxation for myself. I hope I will spend these summer holidays the same way. Thank you for giving me a chance to speak.


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