My family – maturitná téma (angličtina)


 Téma: My family

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Jitka1224




I live with my family in our brick house. My family consists of four people. My mother, father, sister and me.

My father’s name is Pavel and he is forty-five years old. He works as a mechanic at the car service. This jobs is hard work because he has very busy. His biggest problem is getting up every day so early because he goes home very late. He is taller than my mother. He has got short black hair, blue eyes, small mouth and ears. Her arms are big because he rides a bicycle every week. He wears bicycle clothes. He likes swimming or working in the garden. When it is a weekend he is with his family.

Every morning we go out with our dog. It is a good dad. My mother’s name is Jitka. She’s younger than my father. She works as a clearing lady at the kindergarten. She has got short black hair, green eyes, big mouth and small ears. She likes to wear jeans and T-shirts or dresses. She likes to ride a bike with my father every week. She wears bicycle clothes. She has got many duties. She does hovering and cleaning at home and cooking for us. But she doesn’t have much free time. I often help my mother often. She is a good and careful mother.
My sister’s name is Ilona after my aunt. She is eighteen years old. She is very small and slim. She has got long brown hair, gray eyes, small mouth and ears. He doesn’t work. He goes to the school. She likes animals and photography. She will be a photographer.
She learns quite well. She hasn’t got a boyfriend. Her hobby is photography and fashion.

She likes to buy clothes and cosmetics. She spends a lot of time at the mirror.She has got many  friends. She likes nightlife. I like my sister My name is Jitka. I’m twenty-three years old. I’m oldest child of my own parents. I have got long black hair, gray eyes and big mouth. I like wearing comfortable clothes. I work and go to school. My hobby is my boyfriend and my family. I don’t have a lot of time to my hobbies. My father’s mother live in Racková. It’s a village. She live in a house. When I need a consultation, I can ask her. My mother’s parents live in Lechotice. It’s a village. They have a big house. Sometimes I go there to visit. I have two uncles and four aunts. They have six children, some of them adults. My family is big, but I will never forget what they do for me. They will stay in the heart forever.


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