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Téma: My house

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I live with my mum in a big house. Our house has 8 rooms. Livingroom, two bedrooms, bathroom, toilet, technical room and mum’s study. Let me start with our livingroom. Our livingroom is large and there is carpet on the floor, a picture on the wall, sofa, coffee table and big TV. Me and my mum we like to spend time together in our livingroom as we like to watch movies together. We have two bedrooms in our house, one is my bedroom and the other one is mum’s. In my bedroom I have a bed, desk with my PC cupboard and wardrobe. There is a large window in my bedroom with great view to our garden.

Mum’s bedroom is the same size like my bedroom. There is bed, wardrobe, picture on the wall and TV. Also there is a big window in mum’s bedroom.

Another room in our house is mum’s study. In this room is a large office desk with PC, armchair, TV and running machine. Mum spends a lot of time here.


Next to the mother’s working room is bathroom, in bathroom we have a shower, wash-basin with a mirror and there is carpet on the floor.

The toilet and bathroom are divided.

So next to the bathroom is toilet, where is one WC with wash-basin.

Now I would like to talk about our garden, we have a large garden with a swimming pool, we have a lot of flowers, raspberries and blackberries.

And we have a nice view to nature and forests.

We have a connected garage to our house where there are various things.

Next to the garage we have a small house with shovels and things for the garden.


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