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 Téma: Housing

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): w3aL



So, my best friend live in semi-detached house. His house has two floors, with two mezzanines Into the first floor you enter through the entry door. First floor is small room with wardrobe, when you can get your coat, also this room is for your shoes, here you can take off your shoes and go up the stairs. Now you have entered to living room with kitchen. Living room is roomy with two sofas, two armchairs, TV and fireplace in the corner. But the kitchen isn’t too big, but is here everything what you need for cooking. In the living room is also entry to the garden. When you go through this door you enter to very small terrace, which is connected with the garden. On the garden he has dog and cat, who play together. In the garden is pool and outhouse. Next to the outhouse is grill on which grill during the summer. And when weather is too hot, we go refresh in the pool.


I would like to have garden too, but I lived in block of flats so I can‘t have any garden… So back into friend‘s hause, we are in living room and when we go up the stairs we are in the hall where are two rooms placed, both are study rooms. Lastest floor is biggest, there are three rooms, bathroom with Whirlpool, I like soo much Whirlpool and want one too for my self to my house. Next rooms are bedrooms, he sleeps with his sister in one room. I really don’t want share my room with my sister. I did that 5years ago but now it’s something what I really don’t want, because it was horibble when I have to share my room with her. We had bigger room then now, and was brightly and fully furnished but I don’t like sharing.


His house is placed in village, which is really near my city, so for me it isn’t village. I live in town and think it’s better because if I want buy something I can buy it really fast because I have many of shops near my house, but my friend musts often travel for those shops, because in their shop in the village isn’t everything what they need. Most of our friends lives in the town and we usually do most of things in the town, because of the village has bad places for chilling and doing stuff what we do like is playing tennis, going to swiming or playing minigolf. So when he wants to see us, he must pay money for bus everytime. He is always without money and can afford evrything like other friends. So at the end I want to say I’m happy for living in a city.


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