Housing – maturitná téma (angličtina)


 Téma: Housing

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): ella




  • also called single family detached house
  • it’s for one family
  • it’s not connected to another one | it’s stands separately
  • it has often also separated garden



  • a house joined to another house on one side but separate on the other
  • it shares one wall with another house = a house with two units sharing a common wall



  • quickly build and easily assembled
  • mainly used in America and Great Britain



  • house that is one of a row of identical houses situated side by side
  • back-to-back houses – – old British types of terraced houses – close together and facing in opposite directions


·         CHALET

  • typical house in mountains, especially for the Alps
  • it’s used like a hotel for tourists therefore it’s a big building, because also the owners usually live there
  • it’s made of wood and it has often balcony


·         LOG CABIN

  • made of wood like the chalet, but it’s smaller
  • one family normally live there and it’s not used like a hotel, it’s used like a cottage
  • it’s made of many logs
  • it has often fireplace inside


·         MANSION

  • huge luxurious house for wealthy men
  • very modern and luxurious
  • it has often big swimming pool, lots of room and floors


·         MANOR

  • large house, which have a historical meaning
  • typical residence for the upper class
  • there were often housemaids
  • it can be as big as mansion but older


·         BLOCK OF FLATS

  • also tower block or office tower
  • the flats are small
  • they share the same staircase and lift
  • the families have balcony above themselves


·         SHACK

  • primitive wooden shelter or dwelling that looks like it will fall apart in a while
  • poor people live there
  • more shacks together are sometimes known as slums or shanty towns


I LIVE IN A semi-detached house

I live in kind of terraced house, but the house next to us is not the same like ours.  The house is situated in the centre of the city, so I don’t have to commute to school. We have only small back yard behind the house where a plants and tomatoes are. But there is also a big and old walnut tree.

Our house has three floors. There are shops in the basement, my parents have their offices in the first floor and there is also an extra room for guest (mainly for our grandma, when she comes). And we live in the third floor.

Our flat has an entry-hall, the kitchen and dining room which are situated in one big room – kitchen-dinner, two bathrooms, three bedrooms and another two rooms plus pantry and cellar.

My bedroom is in an attic of the house



blinds, houseplants

·         Entrance hall

  • cupboard for shoes, hats and scarves
  • mirror next to it
  • coatrack


·          Dining room

  • big table
  • armchair, sofa, sofa-bed
  • curtains
  • television
  • end table
  • bookcase/library
  • pillows and blankets


·         My bedroom

  • double bed
  • bedside table
  • dressing table
  • wardrobe
  • mirror
  • alarm clock
  • blanket/duvet
  • pillow


·         Kitchen

  • dustbin
  • ironing board
  • waste
  • kitchen units
  • kettle
  • stove
  • oven
  • microwave oven
  • percolator
  • dishpan
  • dishwasher
  • refrigator


·         Bathroom

  • towels
  • bath
  • mirror
  • sink with tap
  • doormat in front of the shower
  • bath/tub
  • shower


·         Study room

  • bookshelf
  • chest of drawers
  • chair
  • clock
  • desk
  • piano
  • lamp


·         cellar

  • fuse box


location atmosphere decor
off the beaten track bright
in a lovely/quiet area subdued dark
in the Old Town noisy traditional
conveniently located (dobře) welcoming cheerful
central lively minimalist
relaxing old-fashioned
romantic trendy
quiet modern
formal/informal colourful


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