Housing and living – maturitná téma (angličtina)


 Téma: Housing and living

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): trabar


I live in Červené Pečky. It isnt so small village. It is situated in the central Bohemia in the territory of Kolín region. I live in detached house. The surrounding is really nice becouse it is near the forest and a football playground. Our house is big and new. We have four rooms downstair and four rooms upstair. Itls living room, kitchen, two childrens rooms, two bathrooms, study room and a bedroom. Its belong my parents. We have two garages, teras and balkony. We have big garden and tehere we have vegetables, fruit, trees and flowers.


I have my own room. My room is big. And its sunny and cousy. In the corner there is my bed. I have a big comfortable bed. Next to bed there is a bedside table. In my room teere is a desk. On the desk there is a lamp, papers, books, pencils. At the desk there is a wardrobe next the window for my clothes. I have a rug next the sofa. On the wall there is a shelf. On the shelf I have books and magazines. On the wall I have pictures and posters of  my the best singers.Its decorated in grey and white. In my room there are four windows. The biggest its situated to the south so in the afternoon the sun is shinning through the whole room.  I like my room and I spend there a lot of time. I can read a book,watch TV, relax, care of my pets, play PC games.


We have a living room downstair. There is a sofa with two armchairs and infront of sofa there is cpffee table and a TV. We have many plants on windows and on the floor. Under the TV there is a stereo. We have one wardrobe in living room and caldron, Next the caldron we have a wood.


Next the living room there is a kitchen. Its big and nice. There is a big cupboard, lot of electric atliances – fridge, freezer, cooker, own, microwave, coffee machine, touster. In the cupboards there are some cups, glasses, plates, bowls, knives, spoons, forks,. My mother and me spend a lot of time in the kitchen becouse we like cooking.


There is a table and fourchairs and its green, grey and red. In the downstair bathroom there is a shower, mirror, toilet and in upstaris bathroom there are two basins, a bath and washing machine, towels and toilet.


We have a big garden.. And we take care of the garden.


I like our house very much. Im happy that we live in the village becouse its calm and an air is very fresh We have nice and we spend a time together. Bigger cities are always overcrowded with dirty air and all what you can see are buildings and block of flats. Some of them are without grass and trees and the green is very important for me and its also very healthy.


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