Travelling – maturitná téma (angličtina) (4)


Téma: Travelling

Predmet: Angličtina

Zaslal(a): Tereza Rozehnalová


Travelling got really popular in last few years. But why do people travel? There is a lot of reasons. Some people are interested in different cultures and want to know more about them or want to learn their languages. They can be also interested in their history or how daily life looks like all around the world. For some people is travelling just a hobby. Many young people want to travel the world before having a family. Most of the times they want to experience some adventures before they settle.  Or maybe they want to find who they really are, their truth self. There is also many people that have to travel because of the work such us stewardess or pilots of course.

Most people that are traveling for vacation or to enjoy their free time spend some time side seeing. Everyone is interested in well-known historic monuments, statues, interesting architecture etc. I think that everyone who is for example in New York, they should see one of the biggest and iconic statue in the world – the statue of liberty. Or if you are in Paris you should see Eifel tower and much more.

Now days you can choose from a many different types of transport. Most of us use one of them almost every they and that is public transport in city. In small cities, that is probably just bus, but in bigger you can find even tram. And in the biggest cities there is subway. You can find a lot of proms about public transport, like you can use it even without having any licence, so you can be any age. But also we can find some cons such as stations. Public transport will not drive you to the exact place you want, most of the times you have to get off a bus and walk there, but that is OK.

When you are old enough you can teach how to drive and tried to get the driving licence. Mostly a car or motorcycle. It is better, that you don’t have to be in contact with different and sometimes weird people and you don’t have to worry about your safety in this way.  But if you are driving and have someone with you, then you are responsible for them as well.

And if you are travelling a long way, you probably chose plane, because it is the fastest way to travel from different states or even continents. Some time it can be pricy, but if you want quality it is the best.

Lastly but not least you can also travel by boat. But since planes are used a lot, boats had been replaced. It can be good if you are traveling between island or lands that are near. In the last, there was a lot of boats that went from United Kingdom to Unites States, the most well-known is Titanic.


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