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There are many different ways people can spend their holidays. A lot depends on what season they take their holiday and how much money they have to spend. Winter holidays are usually spent skiing or snowboarding somewhere in the mountains. However, people can also escape from the cold weather and spend their winter holiday in a warmer climate.

Summer holidays offer a lot of choices. People can choose to stay home, take a holiday close to home, or go abroad for their holidays. Many people who have their own houses like to stay at home during their holidays. They enjoy working in the garden or making repairs to their house. Other people like to go to their summer cottages to enjoy their holidays. They might go swimming at a nearby lake or just spend the time working in their garden. Taking a holiday abroad is also an option if you have a little more money to spend. These kinds of holidays are more complicated to arrange. You have to get a passport and obtain any necessary visas for the countries where you will be travelling. You must arrange tickets for your transportation. If the distance isn’t too great you can travel by bus or train, but if the country to which you are travelling is very far away, it is better to fly. Of course, there is always the option of going by hitchhiking or, if you have a car, you can go by your own car. But if they go abroad, they should have insurance, because nobody knows what might happen.


Means of transport

There are many means of transport. In the Czech Republic are the most common means of transport bus, train, car, plane to abroad and for example underground in Prague. In other countries can be ships, if is there sea or ocean.

I prefer trains, because it is cheap and reliable and more comfortable than buses. However, if you go to long distance, you have to change train. Buses are cheap as trains, but less comfortable and cars are more comfortable than trains, but you have to buy petrol and you have to pay attention, when you drive. However, you can go, wherever you want to go. Plane is the most comfortable but the most expensive too. It is used for travel on long distance.


At the airport

If you want to fly, you have to go to the airport. Once you get there, you will have to check-in and get your seat assignment. Then you will have to go through passport control and security. At the security checkpoint, you will have to put your any carry-on bags you bringing on the plane through a scanner. You will then have to walk through a metal detector. After you go through security, find the gate where your plane is departing from.


My holiday

The most beautiful place, I’ve ever seen was Venice. People there are calm and happy. They haven’t got stress of everyday life like people from other places. Everywhere are shops, restaurants and hotels. All buildings have a typical historical but romantic architecture. Venice is island, so transport there is only by ship.

In the future, I’d like to visit Japan by plane. Because it is last country on Earth, which looks like different word, thanks by crazy people and different life style. Major cities are very modern and technically equipped, unlike villages, which are poorer and more agriculturally oriented. There are aslo different accommodation services, then we know and Japanese women are also beautiful. A lot of important gaming and anime companies come from Japan too.

Or I’d like to go to island or beach and be accommodated at the hotel, because I prefer relaxing holiday near the sea, than active holiday in the nature or mountains. My favourite holiday activities are swimming in the sea or pool, visiting new places and cities and taking a photo, meeting new people, relaxing and trying new interesting things.


Travelling problems

There is many travelling problems. Buses or cars aren’t very friendly to the environment because of gasses in the atmosphere, which cause greenhouse effect. We can’t forget the catastrophes in the oceans. Time to time can we hear about oil tankers, which were wrecked. There are many accidents in the streets especially in bad weather. Road-menders aren’t able to clean all of the communications. In our country the streets and highways aren’t very good but we have no money for repairing them. It’s a pity that we don’t have many cycling tracks so cycling is very dangerous. Skating of roller-skating could be also problem. If skaters don’t have special parks they use normal communications.


Famous explorers

James Cook travelled to the Pacific Ocean and discovered New Zealand and Australia. Christopher Columbus discovered America. Armstrong was an astronaut, who first travelled and walked on the Moon. And for example Emil Holub from Czech Republic, who travelled to Africa.


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