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 Shopping and lifestyle

Do you like going shopping ?

Yes, I like shopping. I love going in the shopping center and choose clothes. It’s good for stress because shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist.


What is your favourite shopping place ?

My favorite shopping place is Vaňkovka Gallery because there are a large selection of shops. It is close to my hometown. There is a nice atmosphere.


Where do you get the money you spend in the shops ?

I get money from my parents. They give me money every month as pocket money. I earn any money on summer job. This money I have always for the whole month.


What was the last thing you bought for someone else ?

The last thing I bought was a gift for birthdays. I bought it on the internet shop for my friend. I bought a wallet made of genuine leather. He wished wallet so much. He was very happy.


Have you ever bought anything on-line ?

Yes, I bought all the gifts for Christmas. It was last year because I was sick and I could not buy gifts in the shopping center. It was a comfortable and cheap.


Would you buy anything in a second hand shop ?

No, I do not like second hand shops. They sell clothes from strangers who could be uncleanly. In these shops is weird smell. These shops are for poor people.


Job and occupation

What is your ideal job ?

My ideal job is well paid, useful and entertaining. I would like to work abroad and get to know new places and people. I want to my job became my hobby.


Would you like to have your parents job ?

No, I would not have a job like my parents. My mother is hard work and walk home late at night. And my father works far from his hometown. They do not have the ideal job.

Which is more important for you: to be paid well or to enjoy your work ?

I think it is important both. I would like to have a well paid job which will entertain me. But if I had to chooseI would choose the money. It’s silly to have an enjoyable job that is poorly paid.


Have you ever had a summer/part-time job ?

Yes I had a summer job last summer. It was at the hotel. I worked as helper in the kitchen and in the restaurant as a waitress. It was nice and quiet work. I earned a lot of money.


Should teenagers take a part-time or a summer job ?

Yes, I think that teenagers should work as a part time. Usnaní by working parents. They will also learn to be responsible and hardworking.


What would you do if you couldn´t find work in your field/in your hometown ?

If I could not find a job in my hometown, I would start  to find job in another city or abroad. Maybe I would have found work at the labor office.I would also  ask a friend if he knew of any job.


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