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 Téma: Mass Media

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Niky


Newspapers, radio, television, internet and the other media are very important for us. We can get through them the newest information from the whole world even if we are in the remotest village. These means of communication are called “mass media”.

In my opinion nowadays the most important mass media is an internet.



Newspapers are the oldest of the mass media. It has been there from the end of the 17th century. We can divide the daily press into two groups: the quality papers and popular papers.

The quality papers are known as the broadsheets. They could be described by the words: well written, thick and serious. Readers of these papers expect to find extensive information on a wide range of public matters. They speak about current affairs and give entire and mostly impartial look of the situation. There are relatively few photographs or illustrations, they have large sheets.

The popular papers are known as tabloids. The popular papers have fewer pages, are written with a simple language and have very short articles with big headlines and many photos and illustrations. The emphasis is on quick reading (perhaps during the coffee break, on the bus to work or on the toilet). Tabloids contain a high number of features about stars, sports and human interest stories.

We can also find many kinds of magazines. They cover many different interests groups: women, men, girls, fans of sports, gardening, cooking, computers, music, etc. Lots of them offer free gifts to tempt the readers.



For more than halve people is the internet the most important source of information. Nowadays we cannot imagine life without the internet. We can find there all information we are interested in. We can find there a friends or even our future partner. We can shop throw internet, and be in touch with people from the around the world.

Internet has several advantages like: very fast access to information; it’s cheaper than everyday newspaper, e-mail, virtual reality. But there are some disadvantages: security, spam, virus, obsolete computer…


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