Media – maturitná téma (angličtina)(2)


 Téma: Media

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Daniel Konečny




Media are very important for us. They give us a lot of information, they help us to understand unknown things.

We know media as newspapers, radio, TV or internet.


Newspapers are the oldest kind of communication.

They are not flexible because when something happens you can’t read about it until the next day.

We have quality newspapers for example The New York times, The Washington post in the USA, Dnes, Lidové noviny in the Czech Republic. And we have tabloids, for example The Sun, The Mirror, Blesk.


Radio is the second oldest kind of media. Nowadays we have TV but radio is still very popular.

It is very popular in the car. It is quicker than a TV and it can inform people about traffic jams.


TV is very popular medium. It is a medium with a great power.

We can choose from a lot of programs for example sport channel, News, documentary, series etc.


The internet is the most used medium of these days.

A lot of people use the world wide web to access news, weather, sports reports, to plan vacations etc.

People use chat, messaging and e-mail to writing with friends.

Facebook is very popular website for young people.

Thanks program as Google Earth we can travel around the world virtually.

I prefer the internet than radio or TV.


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