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 Téma: Communication, media

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Linda


Communication in past and today, mobile phones, the Internet, TV and other media,…


Communication past and today

  • Nowadays is communication easier than in past, because we have got o lot of possibilities, how we can communicate.
  • Television was invented in 1927 and since then TV has been a powerful tool of communication. Nowadays you can have a satelite and when you do, you can watch from Czech republic a British or USA TV


  • News, soap operas, sports, movies, reality shows, children programmes…
    • Now you can watch a television on your computer (internet)
    • It is a powerful media
    • It is media with the biggest strengths – it can influence us very much because its “moving pictures”


  • Newspapers and Magazines – print media remain influential
    • The oldest kind of communication
    • It isn’t flexible
    • Newspapers are daily, weekly or something indeterminate (neurčitý)
    • In past had newspapers bigger influence – humans read them every day -> today we don’t read the newspapers so much, my parents say, that they read newspaper once a week -> my grandparents read newspapers more often
    • Nowadays we can read the newspapers on the Internet
    • Newspapers – broad sheets (a quality papers; very pages, hardly colour pages, not too photos, there is more difficult language); tabloids (smaller pages, dramatic headlines, lots of colour pages, plenty of photos, short articles, simple language); special (interest magazines; they are issued weekly or monthly, they intent on special hobbies – computers, gardening,..; they are more expensive than daily newspapers but they are printed in better paper)
    • Magazines – entertainment, gossip, on cosmetics, about cars, technical news…  for children: puzzles, stories, fairy tales


  • The Internet
    • Nowadays it is one of the most important media
    • We can search things, we can read news, watch TV, read books, watch movies and serials, we can learn, play games, chat with friends and so on …
    • Social networks – it’s place, when we can put our photos and we can follow our friends, we can chat with them
    • I thing that social networks are good, when we are careful, because there can be some dangerous people for us
    • Social networks are good, because they are free of charge


  • Radio
    • 2 oldest kind of media
    • it is very popular in the cars
    • we use it for relaxing
    • also you can listen to the radio on the internet
    • music, news, interestings..


  • Post
    • In the past humans used post really often, because they wrote letters
    • But nowadays it is slow for us – we can use the internet (e-mail and social network)
    • We still use post for sending package


  • Mobile phones
    • The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell at the end of the 19th century. Since that time changed a lot. A few years ago, many families used to have their phone lines in their home. Then we started use mobile phone and it became really popular.
    • For some people can be mobile phone a kind of fashion
    • Modern mobilies are multifuncional – games, photo, music,..
    • Nowadays are the most popular touchscreen phones
    • I have got touchscreen phone too, but I think that it’s good for young people, but not so good for older people, for example, my grandma has got touchscreen phone, and she doesn’t like it. She doesn’t see on phone so well and she often clicks on wrong letters.


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