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The media are form of mass communication on through different channels. They give information to a lot of people at one time. Another media function is to tell us the truth about government and big business.


Types of media: 

Traditional media are newspapers, TV and magazines.

New media are internet, websites, blogs, DVDs. Part of new media are Social media. Examples – websites and apps. Websites for sharing information, pictures and events. We can communicate online or follow famous people. This we can do through apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Firstly I want to talk about social media, because nowadays a lot of people are spending their time on social websites.


Pros and cons of social media

Pros    – long distances between people => connect people

– find out information easily

– follow your favourite famous people

– really good for making business

– sharing what you want – videos, photos, ideas


Cons   – waste a lot of time

– cyber – bullying

– lost your privacy – everybody can find information about you

– everybody can download yours photos

– fake profiles

– you have to be careful and well educated because you can be addicted to this.



On TV you can find many types of programmes. For example international news give us new information about politic, sport, government etc. There are entertainment shows like films and soap opera. There are talent and reality shows and there are documentaries, sport shows, music channels etc…



On the radio you can listen to news programmes, discussion shows where people talk about topic. There are sport programmes and live matches. You can listen all types of music like pop music, rock, hip hop, rap and classic music. There also weather and traffic reports.


Newspapers and magazines

There are serious newspapers – broadsheets that give us news about politic, government and current affairs. Lidové noviny, Dnes in the Czech and The Times in the UK and The New York times in the USA.


There are also tabloids. Tabloids are opposite of broadsheets. They give us fake news or scandals about celebrities and relationships. Blesk in the Czech Republic and The Sun in the UK.


Some famous magazines are Cosmopolitan, Forbes, The Economist and National Geographic.


Me and traditional media

I like reading magazines. My favourite is Forbes, because I like stories about these people. I listen to the radio in the car. And I like listening MP3 when I am on the way to school.


Me and Internet

I use internet every day, because I can find there a lot of information, that I want to know. I use Youtube for watching videos. I also use other websites when I want to download movies. I use social media, but only two. Facebook and Snapchat. Facebook for communication with friends for long distance and Snapchat for fun.


Advantages of using Internet

Internet is more quicker than traditional media. You have to pay only $20 per month and you can use it nonstop. It means it is very very cheap. You don’t have to pay for each article or book. I can also get information from around the world. This is big pros of internet. I can use it on smartphone. I don’t have to take with me 6 books. For example if you had 6 books and each would have 1 kilogram. You would have 6 kilos on your back, but if you have Smartphone you can download thousands of books and you have only 300 grams in your pocket. It is very comfortable.


Disadvantages of Internet

You can’t trust what you read. There is to much information online and it is confusing. Traditional media have more time to check facts. In the fact a lot of people like books and magazines, because they having something physical in their band. But I don’t have problem with reading on screen. I think that the most dangerous thing is that internet is wasting a lot of your time.


Jobs in media

If you are good writer you can be journalist. You could publish articles for our broadsheets. But in the Czech I don’t want to be journalist. Because our famous broadsheets had one politician, who control them. So you can read there only affairs about other political parties. This is very uncommon that politician has power through broadsheets. In other states it is banned. That is the one of reason why I prefer new media. You can find there a lot of different opinions


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