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Types of media

Media can be divided into traditional and modern.

Traditional: the press (newspapers), radio and TV

modern: the internet


The role of media

Nowadays media play huge role and have great importance:


  • simplify the communication among people as they want to be in touch with world they are surrounded by
  • provide us some new info
  • have educational influence
  • entertaining function
  • should be neutral (sometimes they aren‘t)

  • can influence our decisions,
  • shape public opinion
  • sometimes disturb somebody‘s privacy
  • sometimes give some unconfirmed info


Newspapers (the press)

The oldest type of media

can be published daily, weekly, monthly



Quality or serious press (in the past they were called broadsheets)

formal language                                             general interest

used to be more expensive than tabloids            formal punctuation

facts, confirmed info                                       actual info about politics, sport, local etc.

higher quality of journalism                             should be objective

simple graphics                                              less photos

in the UK: The Times, The Independent, The Guardian


Tabloids or popular press (in the past they were called short sheets)

informal language                                           cheaper

big headline, capital letter                                short articles

many photos                                                   info obout private life of celebrities, love affairs

rumours/distorted info→journalist lie                easy vocabulary and grammar

in the UK: The Sun, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail



Magazines are for people who share the same interests. Magazines can be published daily, monthly and quartely. In magazines there are articles about sport, science, history, cooking, cars and fashion. They are more expensive than tabloids and quality press.


Future of newspapers

decline of importance, but personally I think that newspapers have stayed alive for many years.



It broadcasts news, music, sport, funny programmes, debates, etc. But you can only listen to it. Radio is very useful in cars when you travel long distances and you can listen to music to relax.


listen to music, news                                       you can do many things when you listen to radio

available almost everywhere                             movable

relaxing                                                         background

only sound                                                     many adds


In the past radio plays a huge role mainly from the end of the first quarter of 20th century to the mid-20th century. I can mention the UK. The famous radio speech was given by Winston Churchill at the beginning of WW2.

I think radio will be useful in cars when you want to listen to music or for relax. In my opinion radio is better than TV because you don’t have to sit in front of monitor.




see films                                                        not only sound


sit in front of monitor                                      watching takes much time

unmovable                                                     many adds


In television there are diferent programmes like: cartoons, chat shows, comedies, documentaries, soap operas and others. Soap operas have story(plot) which is never ending… Everybody watches TV:young and old, men and women, adult and childer but everyone likes other programmes.

Every state has own chanel. In bigger states like the USA, Russia and China there are over 1000 chanels.

I like nature programmes and documentaries mainly about universe.


The Internet


International network                                      watch videos, films

complex of websites where you can find everything you want

great source of information, entertainment and education

listen to the music                                           reading news from all over the world

surf on the internet                                          chatting with other people

Addiction to the internet                                  many viruses

risk of chatting with strangers                           high level of abuse


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