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In our country daily meals usually starts with breakfast, which consists of something to drink such as tea, cacao, juice or water. Most people breakfast several slices of bread, rolls or buns with butter, cheese, eggs, ham, jam and so on. Quite a lot of people eat cornflakes with yogurt, milk or fruit.

Around noon is a lunch time. Most people take their meals to local canteens or students have their lunch in school. The main dish can be either sweet such as fruit dumplings, pancakes with cream or jam. Or we can have some meat (beef, chicken, lamb, pork) with some vegetables such as potatoes, rice, or Czech dumplings, pasta or bread.

At six or seven in the evening comes diner. At this time entire family is usually together. We often prepare warm dishes. On some occasions we even go out to  restaurants. There we can choose from menu various dishes. Roasted pork with sauerkraut and dumplings, chicken with rice, fish with potato salad and so on.

While cooking we can add various spices such as garlic, majoram, pepper, salt,…

The kind of food we eat depends on which part of the world we live in. For example in the China they eat rice, in Scandinavia they eat  a lot of herrings, and in the Portugal they love to eat sardines. But in central Europe people don´t eat so much fish, they eat more meat and sausages.

Food is very big business, but people in poor countries are still hungry and people in rich countries eat too much.


Deep inside of me i would say that i am pretty adventurous type (even though i might not look like that ) and my heart has always belonged to the African continent. So my top dream destination for vacation is Tanzania or South Africa, because i would love to go to the safari. I would also like to visit Brasil or some small islands in South America or Asia. To be honest there is one country that  I am not interested at all and that´s USA, which can be surprising, but for me it is place with not that big culture and it´s super modern, which is not my cup of tea. But maybe if I go there, i would change my mind, but it is not my plan.


This summer holidays I am going again to Spain with my parents, my friend and her parents. Then I am going on my first vacation without my parents, so I think it will be very exciting, I am going with my friend to Rome, Venice, Verona and Florence, and maybe i will fly with my boyfriend somewhere, but that´s in the stars.


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