Food – maturitná téma – otázky (angličtina)


 Téma: Food

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Ivan


What’s your favourite meal?

– I favorite meal is pizza. I eat everything from Italia. I love typical Italy food.


Do you have any bad eating habits? (e.g. eating and watching TV)

– Yes, I have some bad rating habits, I usually eat in bed.


Why is Slovak food considered to be unhealthy?

– Because many of meals are very fat.


How does breakfast in our country differ from the British breakfast?

– The Belfast doesn’t have many differences, but a lot of  people don’t drink a cup of tea with milk.



What does brunch mean?

– Brunch mean some light food before lunch.


What does the Slovak and British midday meal look like?

– I thing that British midday meal is fast, but in our country we eat full meal for example some soup, main course and some sweet desert or orlight salad.



What does traditional English tea consist of? When and where is it served?

– Traditional English tea is cup of tea with milk it served at 4 p.m. in garden at home it’s a teatime – consists of the slils of white brown bread and bitter with cheese, cakes, fruit pies, biscuits,…



Compare the British and our evening meal.

– Slovak evening is light and fast we usually don’t have the main course, but Eghlish is similar as an our lunch.


What do people in Britain and in our country eat at Christmas time?

– We eat fish soup, fried carp + potato salad, home – made sweets, Wienerschnitzel, In Britain they eat roast turkey with chestnut stuffing, potatoes, Xmas puding.


Can you cook? Where did you learn to cook? Can you prepare your favourite meal?

– Yes, I do learn to look at home from my mother. Yes, I can prepare my favourite meal.


What are your usual meals of the day?

– My usual meals of the day is spagety, pizza or bread with something.



What do you usually have for breakfast/lunch/dinner? What time do you eat?

– I usually have a fruit jogurt or comflakes with milk for breakfast. I don’t have a lunch at the school, because it’s disgusting. And for dinner I have bread, ham or some potatoes.


Name some typical English meals.

– Some typical English meal is Fish and chips.



What foods and drinks do you dislike?

– I hate beef tenderloin, tomato sauce and livers. I never it’s drink tonic  too bitterfor me.



Do you eat healthy? What is your opinion on healthy food?

– No, I don’t eat healthy I eat a lot of fried food but I like healthy, light meals too: i thing that some healthy food isn’t delicioust.



What do you think about vegetarians? (killing animals for food?)

– Vegetarians are crazy people I think..I love meat and can’t imagine a meal without meat.



Where and what do people eat when they travel?

– When I’m traveling by bus or by car I usually eat snack like a schnitzel or when I’m traveling by plane I eat some instant meals which are serving.



Do you know what is “junk food”? Give some examples. What is your opinion on fast foods?

– Junk food includes foods such as soft drinks, hamburgers, hot dogs, ice team, cake, chocolate, pizza, cookies, fried chicken, onion rings and donuts. Fast food is very unhealthy but I sometimes eat there too.


Do you like going to the restaurants? Who do you like to go there with? What meal do you usually order? What’s your favourite restaurant?

– I prefer home food but I eat there when, bacause I don’t have a time to prepare meal at home. I like to go to the restaurant with my friends. In restaurant I usually eat some steak with chips. I like Italy restaurants.


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