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In different parts of the world people have different eating habbits. Food is one of our most important daily needs and it may be one of the chief joys of life.

People usually eat five meals a day.


The Czech breakfast:

  • In our country daily meals usually start with breakfast, which consists of something to drink (tea, cocoa, milk, black coffee) and something to eat (slice of brad and butter and cheese and eggs, ham, salami, jam etc.) Instead of bread we can eat rolls or buns or something sweet (cake, doughnuts or gingerbread).
  • A lot of people eat eat cereal for their breakfast (either cornflakes or porridge or muesli) they also sometimes add various ingredients like yogurt, raisins, chocolate, walnuts etc.
  •  Breakfast usually takes place between 6 and 7 o’clock but the Czechs are often in a hurry so in the morning they try to leave as quickly as possible.


The British breakfast:

  • Today people in GB prefer a light breakfast consisting of cereals or porridge and toasts and marmalade.
  • Sundays are reserved for their big cooked breakfast called brunch. It means breakfast and lunch together. It consists of a fried bacon, sausage, egg, tomatoes and sometimes mushrooms. It  is usually served with a cup of tea or coffee.


The Czech lunch:

  • Around noon we have our lunch which is warm and consists of some soup, a main dish, something to drink and salad or dessert.
  • Most people go to a school or office canteen but some prefer going to restaurant or having a fast lunch in a buffet.
  • Soups are either vegetable soups (tomato, potato, pea, carrot, mushrooms) or meat teas (beef tea, chicken, hen or goulash soup etc).
  • The main dish can be either sweet (strawberry or plum dumplings, pancakes with jam, baked yeast dumplings (buchty) etc. Or we can have some meat or fish or poultry with some vegetable such as potatoes, chips, rice, Czech dumplings or pasta.
  • We distinguish types of meatbeef, pork, veal, mutton, lamb and we can prepare it in various wals – roast it, grill it, boil it, bake it or stew it.
  • Poultry is divided into chicken, hen, duck, turkey and goose.
  • While cooking we may add various spicesgarlic, rosemary, marjoram, curry, pepper, or ginger.
  • Typical Czech meals include – tripe soup, potato soup, kulajda soup, roasted goose and sauerkraut and Czech dumplings, roasted sirloin beef in sour cream sauce and Czech dumplings. Goulash consisting of beef and onions cooked with spices and served with dumplings, Moravian sparrows (roasted fat pork offcuts) and dumplings, Spanish birds (rolled breef steaks filled with salami, pickle, egg and mustard), potato pancakes, fruit dumplings with cream, baked yeast dumplings, potato or hairy dumplings, fried cheese etc.
  • The national dish is roasted pork with sauerkraut and dumplings.
  • Traditional Czech cuisine is however a bit unhealthy and people can get fat so many people prefer to cook more vegetable meals and they become vegetarians.
  • Probably the most significant difference between Czechs and the rest of the world is beer.


The British lunch:

  • In Britain many families prefer to eat out at restaurants  of cafées or to buy take-away Chinese or Indian meals to eat at home.
  • Their lunch time usually takes place between 12 and 1 o’clock. People usually eat in the office or factory canteen.
  •  The traditional English meals include fish and chips and roasted dinners. Their roasted meat is usually served with boiled or roasted potatoes, peas, Brussels sprouts, carrots, Yorkshire pudding and gravy.
  •  Yorkshire puddings are made with flour and fat and are like hollow crispy buns.
  •  The typical British break is 5 o’clock tea. They drink tea and eat some cake or biscuits.
  • About 6 o’clock most families have their dinner. It may be cooked or cold depending on the time of year. The English love especially cakes and pies. They are a nation with a very sweet tooth.
  •  Fast food is a typical feature of both British and American lifestyles. The Americans call fast food restaurants „cheapies“. These places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken usually offer beverages (Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola, tea, coffee, milkshakes) some solid food like roast chicken and chips, hamburgers, pizza, salads or desserts.
  • The oldest type of fast food are sea food stalls with fish and chips.
  • Another typical feature of British and American lifestyle is popcorn.
  • There is a big problem with obesity of children because of fast foods.


American food:

  • Breakfast and lunch are usually eaten on the run. People have yogurt or pastry in the morning and then fast food at lunch.
  •  In the evening Americans have more time to spend on eating. It is the biggest meal of the day and usually consists of meat, vegetable and bread.
  • They are often very tired to cook so they bring home pizza or Chinese food.
  •  In restaurants they love especially Italian food or Mexican food. When you come into a restaurant, waiters bring you a bowl of tortilla, chips and salsa that is free of charge.
  •  A typical Mexican meal is burrito, a big tortilla stuffed with cheese and a meat filling.
  • They also love hamburgers of course. The real hamburger consists of a very thick meat on a  homemade bun with cheese, onions and ketchup.
  • American’s popular dessert is a camping dessert called S’Mores. It is made by marshmallow on a stick over the campfire.


Canadian specialities:

  • Canada doesn’t have a traditional cuisine. As a nation of mostly immigrants from all over the world, Canada has adopted the cuisines of its immigrant population including Greek, Italian, Thai, French and Indian cuisine.
  • The most important meal is dinner consisting of meat with vegetables and potatoes.
  • They have a special snack called Poutine which consists of French fries with cheese and hot gravy or French Canadian Pea Soup from Quebec.
  • Maple syrup is also a truly Canadian dietary tradition. It is usually eaten with flapjacks or ice cream and one of the sweetest candies is Nanaimo Bar (chocolate candy with coconut, almond and graham).


Australian food:

  • Australia has a lot of cattle and sheep, so beef and lamb are very popular. Seafood is also very popular, especially mussels and prawns.
  • The most common type of fish is flake (the flesh of small shark) because of its low price.
  •  A meat pie with tomato sauce is also very popular in Australia and NZ.
  • In summer people like to have barbeques . They grill sausages, steak, even octopus together with bread.
  • There are also special Australian and NZ recipes for desserts. The Lamington is a cake covered in chocolate and coconut or the Anzac biscuit made from golden syrup and oats. The Pavlova is a very rich delicious dessert.


My favourite meal:

  • When I want to eat something normal, I prefer roasted sirloin beef in sour cream sauce. It is the best Czech meal I think. Also I love little dumplings with cream sauce and brocoli and little chicken bits, which does my mother.
  • From some abroad food, I love pizza, hamburgers or some pasta with some sauce.
  • And when I want something sweet I love pancakes with chocolate and fruit or fruit salad or czech typical sweet lívance.


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