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 Téma: Transport and Traveling

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Because i don´t live in a big city i would say that my city has just the basic types of transport. So we have here buses, trains and people can also use cars and motorbikes to move to another city.

When i am going to school i have to go by bus or train, but i prefer going by train, because for me it is more comfortable then the bus. On the other hand when i am going on a long distance trips i use plane and it is also my favourite type of transport. Air travel is the fastest way of traveling and the only easy way to travel very long distances. It´s comfortable, the stuff there is very kind, you get food (sometimes), but it has some disadvantages too. Your fly can be delayed, it´s  not that cheap, if you miss connection it can take many hours or even days to get to your destination, or the weather can stop you from traveling and some people are even very afraid of flying, even though it´s the safest type of transport and it takes quite a lot time before you board on plane, because first of all you have to check in and get you boarding pass, you have to go through security checks and wait in the departure hall, then go to your gate and finally board the plane.

But the best type of transport of all is to go on foot, because it´s for free and it keeps you fit.



I think that traveling is one of the most important things in my life, because i guess that it can teach you really a lot of things, you meet there new people with absolutely different culture, habits, traditions and you can also taste totally different and unknown food, you have never tried before. And I also think that it is the best way how to find who you really are.

I would say that i have visited quite a lot countries. I have been in England, Greece, France, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Italy. And that´s all thanks to my parents, who love traveling same as me.

Every year we go on two vacations, one in winter and one in summer. In winter we love going to the Alps, the most beautiful winter trip for me was when we went skiing to Zermat, in Switzerland, which is big skiing centre right under the Matterhorn. And my favourite summer holiday memory would depends to France, exactly Paris, or Spain-Ibiza.


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