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Cities in the USA

There are many well-known cities in America like NY, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Detroit or Philadelphia.


Washington D. C.

D.C. stands for District of Columbia and the city is named after the country´s first president, George Washington.

It is the capital city of the USA. It replaced Philadelphia as the capital city in 1800. Transport in Washington is mostly underground via subway, regular bus or trains and aeroplanes.

There are no factories or industry because it was designed as a capital from its very beginning.

Most popular buildings are:

The White House has served as the home of every US president except G. Washington. It has 132 rooms, some of which are open to the public.

The United State Capitol is the place where The U.S. Congress makes laws. The Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate. It is also the highest building in Washington.

  • The Library of Congress – separate building next to the Capitol, the largest library in the world
  • Folger Shakespeare Library – close to the Library of Congress, the world´s largest collection of William Shakespeare´s works
  • The Supreme Court – separate building across the street from the Capitol

The Washington monument is a Presidential Memorial, which was built to honour

George Washington.

Pentagon serves as seat Ministry of Defence U. S. and it is the largest single structure building in the world.


New York City

It is the largest city it the USA. It has nearly 8.5 million people and is often called the city ´that never sleeps´. The city is divided into five areas: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

The seat of OSN is located in New York.

Statue of Liberty stands on Liberty Island and it recalls the friendship between France and USA.

Wall Street is a street in Manhattan and it is a seat of New York Stock Exchange.

The highest skyscrapers are Empire State Building and Chrysler Building.

Broadway is the oldest main north – south street in the city. Many theatres are located here, even Broadway Theatre.

Times Square –  people still come here to welcome the New Year, it received its name after the New York Times

Many universities are located in New York, for example City University of New York, Columbia University and Fordham University.

+Famous park: Central Park


Los Angeles (in California) = ´the Angels´

Hollywood – it is the centre of American film industry (Universal Studios, Disneyland, the Hollywood Walk of Fame) + Beverly Hills – a borough for rich people.


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