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Washington DC (District of Columbia) is a capital city of the USA, named after the first president, George Washington.

The city is located in a special district called „The District of Columbia“ which is not a state because it is the seat of the federal government.

Washington is situated in the east of the USA on the Potomac River and has four sections: northeast, northwest, southeast, and southwest.

In Washington are situated very important buildings: The White House, Pentagon, the U.S. Capitol and the Library of Congress.

The White House is the residence of president. It is built on Pennsilvania Avenue.

On The Capitol Hill is the U.S. Capitol where the Congress meets and the Library of Congress is the US national library.

The Lincoln Memorial is the large building with a long stairway and inside is the oversized statue of Abraham Lincoln.

The Washington Monument is 170 (one hundred and seventy) metres tall obelisk to honour of George Washington.

Pentagon serves as seat Ministry of Defence US. It is one of the largest building in the world.

In this city is also many famous museums. There is the National Space and Air museum, the museum of African Art, the national Gallery of Art, and many others.

Streets are numbered and avenues are named after the states of the union.

There can’t be built any skyscrapers.

Interesting place is also Folger Shakespeare Library where is world’s largest collection of Shakespeare’s works.


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