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Today I have presentation about Washington D.C.  So make yourself comfortable. If you want, you can have a breakfast and I will be to tell you something what you need for maturita exam.


Washington DC is part of  Mid-Atlantic, also called Middle Atlantic states is located between New England and the South Atlantic States. This region includes states like a New YorkNew Jersey or Pennsylvania. And is pretty important for United States, because there are centers of  American  culture, trade,or industry.

Total area of this city is only 177 square kilometers, for compare, same area has for exemple Ostrava(only city).

Washington is bordered by Maryland, in the north and east; and in the south and west  by Virginia just for the record the border with Virginia, is The river Potomac I thing  it is pretty famous and how you can hear, this name is from Algonquian language, and this was language of native american the word means or better, this word is name of  old Native american Village potowmac.

Geography is closely linked with climate.


Climate Wachington lies in subtropical climate, but in winter they have also a snow. The problem in summer is that there is daily relative humidity(vlhkost vzduchu) around 70%  and combination with heat causes frequent thunderstorms occasionally tornadoes.


And now lets talk why D. C.

Washington, D.C., formally the District of Columbia District means area or teritory and Columbia it is from name Coumbus Christopher Columbus  who was a first discoverer of  North America.How i said before it is capital city of United States.
Washington was named after George Washington, who was a first President of the United States and Founding Father.[5] Washington has approach 680 000 residents. There are seat of  American president,the United States federal government, the Supreme Court of the United States and several international organizations, the city is an important world political capital


Now you can see the Seal of district of Colombia There ist a man, he is George Washington, we can see also blind woman this is symbol of Court and under her, There is a sing JUSTITIA OMNIBUS this is in latine and translation to english it means justice for all ther is The river potomac and train. And flag  of Washington D.C  oh the backround has pretty similar color so i will fix it, much better!! This flag has connection with 12th centurary it was a deep middle ages. Because same flag has george washington’s family, but i dont have enought time to talk about washington’s flag let move to another topic

So now i want to go back almost 400 years ago.


In until 17 centuary this area was belonged to tribes of Piscataway, interes This tribe still exist, it has something around 4000 members. But in 18th centuary American goverment had a problem, because neither state couldn’t provide enought save for all congress. So On July 1790 Congess passed the Residence Act, which approved the creation of a national capital on the Potomac River. The exact location was to be selected by President George Washington. The Land donated states Maryland and Virginia
so after this George selected the place and work could start. New capital city had gotten name after president, Washington. Congress held its first session in Washington on November 1800 , so the construction took ONLY 10 years, it was amazing

On August 1814, British forces made a raid known as the Burning of Washington and many important building  burnt down, but fortunaltely a few years later americans repaired ther capital city again.

In the American Civil War Washington was center on Slaves who esaped. Because if you know more details about American Civil War, Virginia was confederate state where was was allowed slavery. So slaves came from Virginia.

In 20th century the City Beautiful Movement– it is name of time, when was rebuilted lots of city in the USA (for example Chicago or Detroit), Distric of Colombia city got new face.


EconomyFor Washington is main industry –business services, in this city is seat of many organizations such as law firms, defense contractors, civilian contractors, lobbying firms trade unions, and otherSecond main resource of money is a Tourism, every year visit Washington more than 20 million people and this number still grow Now I will tell you something about important institutions in Washington So how you can know, for Americans the prezident is The most major authority.And his home and also his office is The White House
The white house, it is seat of American president, this palace was built before 200 years. The residence was designed by Irish architect James Hoban in the neoclassical style. Now i have interesting numbers.White house has 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms. There are also 412 doors, 147 windows, 28 fireplaces.In this house we can find a medical and dental office, a TV studio, a solarium, an indoor pool and a shelter against nuclear bombs, during the year The white house visit almost 1 and half million touristOne interest, every easter prezident organises egg roll, it is great celebration he invites 30000 people, and children do special activity roll egg with shovel United states Capitol it is seat of American congress, which has two parts first is House of Representatives in the south wing and the Senate which we can find in north wing In this house of representative had speech for example Our president Václav Havel Of washington National MallIt is the park and main avenue in Washington, around this park stay many important and interesting buildingsBut the major is Washington Monument and it  was built to commemorate George WashingtonDuring my prezentation you mayby ask yourself, where is skycraper, why washington dc hasn’t this build, reason is simply, congressmans in 1910 passed law „Height of Buildings Act of 1910“ and this rule forbid build stucture higher than 40 meters, because building higher than Capitol look awfull and doesn’t fit in washington landscape


Lincoln Memorial  commemorate of Abraham Lincold

  • National Museum of America History
  • National Museum of the American Indian
  • National Gallery of Art
  • And else


 Arlington National Cemetery United States military cemetery Virginia  there is  400000 graves there rests for example John Fidzgeralt Kenedy or Hiram Bingham, he discovered  Machu PichuPentagon-United States Department of Defense. As a symbol of the U.S. military in 2001 there was a terorism attack
Sport Basketball- Washington Wizards   Hockey- Washington Capitals  they won a stanley cup in 2018 and for this club played also Jaromír Jagr   Baseball-  Washington Nationals


Thank you for your attention and i hope, when you will choose Washington  DC. As your maturita  topic, you will be succesful.

And now a I have for you a short test.

The best of you will get a little surprise.


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