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Basic information

  • New York City, officially The City of New York, is the most populated city in the USA.
  • New York has an area of 1214,4 km2.
  • There are over 8 200 000 people as for year 2007, which is 40% of population of the State of New York. Estimated number of people living in NYC for the year 2030 can reach 9,5 millions.
  • With population density of 1O 194 people/km2, it’s the most populous city in the USA. It may seems like NYC is the capital of USA, but it is not.
  • Today, it is one of the biggest world business centres and has a huge impact on worlds media and politics.
  • It is sometimes called the City that never sleeps, because of the 24/7 activity of citizens.



  • New York lies on the north-east coast of USA
  • Most of the city lays on islands.
  • NYC is divided into five ‘’boroughs” (districts)- Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
  • Manhattan is separated from Bronx by Harlem River, from Queens and Brooklyn East River and from New Jersey by river Hudson.
  • Highest point of NYC is Todt Hill on Staten Island (124,9 meters above sea level)



  • Wet and rainy weather is typical for New York.
  • It has hot summers (like in Rome), but really cold and snowy winters.



  • New York has huge cultural and ethnical diversity. In the past, it was entering point of immigrants.
  • Today’s illegal immigrants mostly come from Mexico, China, Columbia and Russia.
  • People talk over 170 world languages in the city. Typical language for New York is English.
  • People in NYC are very friendly between them, but even for tourists.
  • A lot of famous actors and singers got famous in New York, due the cultural activity of citizens- theatres, musical festivals etc.



  • Originally, the city was founded by the people of Netherlands in 17th Two centuries later, it became the biggest and a capital city of the USA.
  • Location of NY was found for the first time by an Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, who served France and the first inhabited part of NY was Manhattan.
  • In the year 1789, first American president, George Washington, was selected in Federal Hall on Wall Street
  • Worst New York catastrophe happened on 11th of September, when two civilian flights were taken over by terrorists, and crashed into the World Trade Centre (WTC, or TWINS) in New York.
  • Location of NY was found for the first time by an Italian explorer Giovanni da Verrazzano, who served France and the first inhabited part of NY was Manhattan.


Important places

  • Empire State Building-

102 floor building on Fifth avenue. After terrorist attack on WTC, Empire state building became the highest building in New York.

Building is 443 meters high.

It’s used as radio station, office building, and sightseeing tower.


  • Statue of Liberty (Liberty Enlightening the World)

It is 93 meters tall, where 46 meters is creating a statue and 47 meters is statues base.

It is reminding friendship and support of French people, who helped USA in the citizen war of Independency.


  • Central Park

Big city park with area of 3,41 km2. It lies in Manhattan.

It became national historic monument in the year 1863

Inside the park, there is a lot of statues, for example Christopher Columbus, or H. CH. Andersen.


  • Times Square

Times Square is the intersection between Broadway and Seventh Avenue

There are many branches of well-known companies- for example Viacom, MTV or Ney York Times

The most important monument in NYC


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