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 Téma: The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Daniel Konecny



The United Kingdom, London

The Great Britain is form by two island Great Britain and Ireland.

It is a part of Europe but separated from France by the English Channel.

The UK is made up four countries: England with capital city (London), Scotland with capital city (Edinburgh), Northern Ireland with capital city (Belfast) and Wales with capital city (Cardiff).

Over 60 million people live there.

The Great Britain is the constitutional monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II is the official head of the state.

Currency in the UK is pound.

The most favourite meal is fish and chips.

In The capital city London lives over 8 million peoples. There is the River Thames.

There are a lot of interesting places to visit in the UK.

For example, in London are The Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Tower Bridge, historical buildings, museums, galleries etc.

The best way to go around the city is the underground or London’s red double-decker buses.

The highest mountain of the UK is Ben Nevis.

The longest river is the River Severn. In Scotland is Lake Loch Ness with monster Nessie.

My favourite famous people in the UK is J. K. Rowling

She is an author of the popular books Harry Potter.


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