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1)      Geography, Basic facts

2)      People of Britain

3)      Places of interest


1) Geography

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated in theWestern Europe. United Kingdom is composed by England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The English capital isLondon.



British climate is very variable.Britainhas moderate climate, which is influenced by the dominant winds overNorth Atlantic. The temperatures don’t get much below freezing point in the winter and they also don’t raise much in the summer. North part of the island is the coldest and the areas such as London and West Country are the warmest.


Rivers and Lakes

The main rivers are theThames, which flows pass throughLondon. The other main rivers are theTrentand theSevern. InScotlandthere is theCaledonian Canalwith the legendaryLochNessLake. The biggest lake inBritainis theLoughNeaghLake, which is situated inNorthern Ireland.
Industry and Agriculture
Britainhas good strategically position on the European market. Britain exploits the coal, the petroleum, the natural gas, the tin, the lead, the limestone, and the salt.


United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is monarchy and the currency is English pound.


2) People of Britain

In the Great Britain there is diversity of the ethnic groups (English 81.5%, Scottish 9.6%, Irish 2.4%, West Indian, Indian, Pakistani, and the other 2.4%) and also diversity of the religion (Church of England, Methodist, Baptist, Catholic and Muslim).


3) Places of interest

In the Great Britain there are many places of interest. It would take a lot of time to mention about all, here are the most interesting places.


Stonehengeis the 5000 years old monumental building. It is actual the system of stones, which are sequenced to the circles.


Canterbury Cathedral

It is the most impressive and beautiful cathedral in England.


Tower of London


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