Great Britain – maturitná téma (angličtina) (5)


 Téma: Great Britain

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Yumeko



Basic facts

  • Population – around 60 million (9 million lives in London)
  • Located: in north west Europe and the island of Great Britain and the northern part of Ireland
  • Highest mountain – Ben Nevis
  • World heritage sites: The Tower of London, Westminster Abbey…



  • Constitutionally monarchy = it has parliament and monarch
  • Monarch is Queen Elizabeth II


Life in Great Britain

  • Over polite = never tired of saying thank you, please, excuse me
  • Self-discipline (people wait in queues)
  • Don´t speak too loudly
  • Kiss on cheek to say goodbye
  • eat too much fast food (no time to cook = too much work)



  • Romain Period – Romans built paved roads, baths and also Hadrian´s wall as protection against invasion of the Celtic tribes
  • The names of Roman towns on Britain often end with – chester – chaster – cester ( Manchester )
  • Christianity was brought to Britain


Elizabeth England

  • Era of great explores
  • First theatres (Shakespeare)



  • the largest prehistoric monument, a huge circle of standing stones on Salisbury Plain
  • visitors from all over the world come here and wonder at how these huge stones were transported and erected over 3000 years ago


 Interesting places: 

  • Oxford, Cambridge and St. Andrews – university towns
  • York, Bath, Banockburn, Falkirk
  • Canterbury – cathedral, museum, Marlowe theatre
  • Dover – White cliffs, Dover castle – Key To England



  • Basic information – inhabitants: 5,4 million
  • Area = the size of Czech Republic
  • Part of UK
  • Official language – English, Scottish, Gaelic
  • Scotland has over 790 islands
  • Kilt – People began wearing kilt in 18th
  • A symbol of rebellion against English rule
  • Banned by the British parliament from 1747 to 1783
  • Whisky – Water of life = national drink, made from water and barley
  • Great Highland Bagpipe = a bag from sheep´s stomach is squeezed under the arm to blow air through the pipes


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