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Person that I admire

When i think of a person that I admire I think about Coco Chanel. Gabrielle Chanel was born in France in 1883. She opened her first and now legendary shop outside Paris in partnership with her uncle. The store displayed men´s pullover sweaters, sailor jacket, and straight skirts which caught the attention of everyone who walked past the window.

She continued with her creative ideas and expanded her line by adding jewellery and her still famous Chanel No.5 perfume. She showed the world her passion for fashion and showed women that they can wear whatever they want.

That´s why Gabrielle Chanel is my hero.



Because I am still at school, I don´t have a job, but I used to have one last summer holidays, because i needed to earn some money. I was working in drugstore in my town and I have to admit that i really liked that job. I could go there whenever I wanted, so I usually went there at 8 or 9 o´clock and end at 12 or 13 o´clock, which was great because when i finished my daily job I still had a lot of time for my friends, family and my hobbies.

My mum works in logistic section in Batist and my father is a business director in Saargummi. The job that I would like to do is completely different then theirs. I love drawing and art so my dream job and job that would be perfect for me is probably logo designer. I think that this I would love to do and I hope my dream will come true, because it is very important to do a job that you enjoy doing.


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