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 Téma: Mass Media

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It is technology that’s main role is to spread information to a wide audience. As a mass media we consider TV, radio, newspaper, internet, social sites


Roles of mass media

  • informative – as I said, spread information about politics, economics, what’s happening in general inside and outside the country, news in TV or newspaper
  • educational – we can watch many kinds of documentaries about nature, history, different cultures etc.
  • entertainment – watching movies, listening songs or podcasts, soap opera
  • watchdog of democracy – control if politicians follow their promises, media should be objective, not misuse the fact that people can be easily manipulated
  • help companies in business by advertising their products


The press

  • tabloids – they write about celebrities, shocking news, often biased and inaccurate in formation, they use big headlines, less text, lots of images, third page girl :D, The sun, Blesk
  • serious press – provide serious information, objective, smaller headlines and much more text, BBC, Mladá fronta dnes



  • is a way of companies to promote their products and services
  • in modern world advertisement is so present we don’t even realize it
  • the most used techniques – sales (but they raise the price before that), benefits like buy 2 and get 1 free (makes you buy something you don’t even need, you have a good feeling about money you saved but actually you didn’t), they say its out of stock )makes us want it more, last chance), in commercials they use doctors (we tend to believe them), celebrity or model (we want to be like them), they make them emotional (nostalgic, sad, use children and happy families)
  • what is ethical? lots of companies had to take their commercials off – people made complains
  • subliminal advertising was banned – it is placing hidden images in commercials for viewers to process them unconsciously (they tried this in a movie theater – images of coke in a movie and lot of people bought it afterwords)


Fake news

  • is a false or misleading information presented as real news
  • big problem, media can manipulate a lot, people believe everything they read, some are harmless but some could be very problematic (damage someones reputation)
  • usually spread on internet, tabloid press, email hoaxes act.
  • how to spot it – double check with source you trust, check the date and website address, look for unusual spellings, look out for fake celebrity accounts, google search the images
  • in totalitarian countries they prevent fake news thru censorship – but its easily misused (North Korea)


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