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Basic information

Canada is a big state above USA. It used to be a British colony. In 1867 Canada tried to get independence and successfully. Canada is a federal constitutional monarchy. The head of state is Elizabeth II. The capital city is Ottawa. Another well-known cities are for example: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal. In Canada they have two official languages. It’s English and French. There live about 34,800,000 inhabitants. And the area is about 9,900,000km2, which makes it the second largest country in the world. Religion is Christianity. Currency is Canadian dollar (CAD). This state closely cooperates with USA. I mean economically and politically. Canada is one of the main exporters with gold. Canada is famous because of ice hockey and the creation of NHL.



Canada takes a big part of North America. It is surrounded by three great oceans. Those are Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean and Arctic Ocean. Canada has only one neighbour USA. But it makes the longest borders in the world – with USA.

Canada should be well known for its nature, especially for its lakes. It has the highest number of lakes. One of the most famous is The Great Lakes, which is a big lake complex on the borders with USA. There are five great lakes – Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. And then we have the Niagara Falls. It’s placed again between USA and Canada on river Niagara. It’s made of neighbourhood of three falls. The height of the Niagara Falls is about 52 meters.

There are some mountains as well. The biggest are Rocky Mountains and Coast mountains. Highest point is Mount Logan, which is 5959m high.



Basic information

USA used to be British colony as well as Canada. It got its independence in 1776. USA is Federal Democratic presidential republic, which is made of 50 states. The head of state is president Barack Obama. His seat is in the White house. Capital city is Washington D.C., but the largest city is New York. When we look at the population, USA is the third biggest country, with its 320,000,000 inhabitants. It’s maybe because there are many people from another country. USA takes about 9,860,000km2. So, it’s large almost like Canada and it makes it the third largest country in the world. Official language is English. Currency is United states Dollar (USD). Religion is quite mixed, but mostly it’s Protestant Religion.



USA is between Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean. We can say that its coast touches the Arctic Ocean, because Alaska belongs to it. USA is placed in the North America right under Canada. With Canada it makes the longest border in the world. Along the entire length there are Cordilleras /Andes). Then we can know Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains. Highest point of USA is Danali – 6194m. Lowest point is Death Valley, which is 86m under the sea level. It’s very hot and dry place. The temperature is there about 50°C. Longest river is Mississippi. One of the well-known places is The Grand Canyon. It’s in Arizona. It was made by river Colorado and it’s a National park as well.

Some famous products are cars – Dodge, Ford, Chevrolet, Hummer. And maybe company Apple, which is famous for mobiles and computers.


United Kingdom

Basic information

United Kingdom was created in 1707. It is a parliamentary monarchy. The head of United Kingdom is a queen – Elizabeth II. Prime Minister is David Cameron. United Kingdom is divided into four parts – England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland. The capital city is London. City of London, which is a part of London is one of the biggest world trade centres. London is with New York and Tokyo, one of the most important cities. It has 8,540,000 inhabitants. Whole United Kingdom has about 64,000,000 inhabitants. Area which this state takes is about 243,000km2. Official language is English. Religion is Anglican. Currency is British pound or pound starling. United Kingdom is one of the founding members of NATO.



United Kingdom is a big island. It’s surrounded by Atlantic Ocean, North Sea, Celtic sea, St. George Strait and Irish sea. With Europe it’s connected with underwater tunnel named Channel Tunnel. The highest point is Ben Nevis. And the longest river is Thames. Most famous places are: Stonehenge – a stone complex, nobody knows how it was created, London, Isle of Man – island full of beautiful nature, there are five national parks, then there is The Lake District which contains 16 lakes and many rocky waterfalls in the mountains. Interesting and famous are cities: York, Oxford, Cambridge, Worcester and many other historical cities.


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