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Basic facts

Canda is located int north of the North America continent. The second largest country on the world. The name Canada comes from an iroquiois word ,, Kanata“. Capital city is Ottawa. Bilingual country English and French languages. Population is about 30 milions people. Divided to 10 provincies

  • Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec, + three territories- Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut about 29 000 Inuits live there ( Eskimos)



Canada has borders with the USA in the south, Atlantic Ocean in the east, Pacific Ocean in the west, Alaska in the North-west and Arctic Ocean in the north. The country is famous for unspoiled nature and beutiful scenery like national parks and Niagara Falls. I tis converted by lakes, rivers, mountains and mostly tundra in the north where lives Inuits. The Rocky mountains are found in the west, The Great Lakes are found in the south like Lake Hurin, Ontario, Supperior, Erie.



Canada has clod snowy winters and mild summers


The Flag and people

The flag is red and white with a red maple leaf in the center of this flag. Canada is a diverse, multicultural country. The people are mainly of British and French origin but there are mny other ethnic groups. 2% are the native people- American, Indians and Inuits. About 70% spek French and 22% speak French.


Political system

The member of a British Commonwealth along with 53 other states. Its is a constitutional monarchy with Queen Elisabeth II as the head of the state, officionaly represented by a Governor General. There is a federal systém of government led by the Prime minister. Each province has its oen parliament head of the goverment in each province is a premier.



Popúular mainly for winter sports. The national sprot is lacrosse. Ice hockey was invented in Canada, figure skating, curling, canadian football, basketball.



The beaver, moose,black bear, grizzly, polar bear, coyote, fox, seals


Famous people

Jim Carrey– a comedie films like Mask, Dr. Propper and his penguins

Celine Dion– gueen of the pop, soundtrack for the Titanic

Margaret Atwood– a writer

Nelly Furtado, Allanis Morsette– a singers

Leonard Cohen-singer and poet, song like Halleluja


Interesting facts

Canada is rich in natural resources such a gold, diamonds, timber. Public education is free until end of secondary school, Universites are partly funded by the government but student salso pay tuiton fees. Inuits are the only people in the world who are allowed to hunt seals.


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