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New York

It is the most populated city called New York. It´s city of business, therefore also became the target of terrorist attacks.



It´s one of the richest states for oil production. It´s state of cowboys and rodeo. We can find very famous road Route 66 there. It starts from Chicago to Los Angeles and it´s long about 4000km.



The opposite state of Texas is called Utah. It´s one of the poorest states and there is prohibition of alcohol.



This state is famous for its Area 51, which is a air force and weapons test centre. It´s been cleared so the area is accessible now. It was sternly guarded and you couldn´t take photos. A lot of people connect this area with UFO mysteries.


New Mexico

It´s famous for an UFO accident near Roosevelt. New Mexico City lives of it because the tourists come with interest of UFO here. You can find lots of UFO souvenirs in shops there. But this accident was never confirmed, so there are many of conspiracy theories.



This state is especially famous for Hollywood city. Lots of actors, singers and other people which work for the cinematic business live here.



The last state is Florida. It´s famous for nice beaches and weather. The most famous beach is Miami beach. It´s place of surfing. In these seas occur sharks. Unfortunately, in Florida often occur devastating hurricanes. The strongest was Labour Day (1936).


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