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 Téma: Australia

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Basic facts

It lies in the southern hemisphere between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Australia is an island continent. The population about 22milion people. Australia was 1.discovered by Dutch  navigators in the 16th century. Australia is a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world.Australian flag is blue,it has six white stars (represent 6states)The landscapes of the Top End and the Gulf Country—with their tropical climate—include forest,woodland, wetland,grassland, rainforest and desert . Capital of the city is Canberra, Main languages :Australian English



The Australian climate varies from warm to subtropical. The Continent is in the southern hemisphere which means that Australia has summer when we have winter and vice versa.



The Animals of Australia are numerous and some of them, like the kangaroo, koala, bear, dingo, platypus, Tasmanian devil, wombat cannot be found elsewhere.



The coast was explored by James Cook in 1770.The first people that came there were British prisoners.It was going to be a british prisoner colony.But in the middle of the 19th century there were found gold,so there come new people.


Political systems and government

The headof the state is British Queen and is represented by Governon-General.Heads of government are Prime minister and Cabinet.Its federal parliamentary state with two legislative houses Senate and House of commons.








Interesting places

the largest sandstone, Monolith in the world, Great barrier reef-the only natural wonden visible, Gold Coast-beautiful beaches,surfer paradise, Kakadu national park-half of it is aboriginal land-famous fan its wildlife The Outback



Sydney-biggest city in Australia 4milion people live there, -opera house ,there is big  Chinese community

Melbourne-the 2.biggest city-full of parks and gardens

Perth-loneliest city -capital of Western Australia

Adelaide-there are two universities ,a lot of museums,galleries and parks

Canberra-capital city Darwin,Brisbane



Rugby,cricket,tennis,surfings sport,basketball


Interesting facts

Dingo-Australian native dog

Parrots-Australian is home to many different parrot

Australian are relaxed,likes surfing..

Some australian symbols are kangaroos.

They use a lot of local slang : surfie-people,who surf

anno-afternoon,tucken-food,bloke-a man,sheila -a woman



1.Is Australia an island or a continent? Tell me about it.

2.Where is Australia located? Tell me about it.

3.How many countries are there in Australia? Tel me about it.

4.Is Australia densely populated? Tell me about it.

5.What is the capital city of Australia and where is it situated? Tell me about it.

6.Which Australian city is the most famous in the world? Why? Tell me about it.

7.Is Australia an independent country? Tell me about it.

8.Is Australia special talking about the fauna? Tell me about it.

9.Are there any deserts or jungles in Australia? Tell me about it.

10.Who are the original people of Australia? Tell me about them.

11Who were the first collonists in Australia? Were they somehow special? Please, explain.

12Is Australian English the same as the British English? Tell me about it.

13.What is special about transporting goods in Australia? Tell me about it.

14.Is Australia special talking about health care and education? Why? / Why not?

15.What is the Great Barrier Reef and where is it situated? Tell me about it.

16.What are the symbols of Australia? Tell me about them.

17.Who is the head of Australia? Tell me about it.

18.Do you know any movies about Australia? Tell me about it.

19.Do you know any world famous Australians? Tell me about it.

20.Which sports are considered national in Australia? Tell me about it.

21.What season is in there in Australia in August? Why? Tell me about it.


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