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  • Australia is the only country and also continent
  • it is the largest island in the world, but the smallest continent
  • The capital city of the Australia is Canberra
  • The official language is English
  • is made up of six states and two territories


Some facts about history

  • The original inhabitants of Australia were people called Aborigines
  • In 1770, James Cook of the British army became the first European to see and explore Australia’s east coast. Cook claimed the region for GB and named it New South Wales. The first white settlement in Australia was made up of prisoners.
  • in 1901 Australia officially became an independent nation and the Commonwealth of Australia



  • Australia’s highest point is called Mount Kosciusko placed in Australian Alps
  • The Murray River is the longest permanently flowing river in the country
  • There are a lot of islands around the Australia
  • Mountains: Kosciusko, Australian Alps, Mac Donnell’s
  • Lakes: Laky Eyre, Lake Torrens, Mackay’s Lake, Lake Mackenzie, Dove Lake
  • Rivers: Murray, Darling, Victoria, Gascoyne
  • Deserts: Great Sandy Desert, Simpson Desert, Great Victoria desert, Gibson’s desert, Little Sandy


Fauna and flora

  • Australia has unique animals and plants thanks to the climate and geographical isolation of the continent.
  • There are kangaroos, koalas, platypus, Tasmania devil and wombats.
  • The dingo is Australia’s wild dog.
  • There are over 100 species of land snakes.
  • From plants there is e.g. the eucalyptus tree.



  • The Australian flag has 7 large pointed star -> which represent 6 states and 1 territory



  • In Australia live more than 22 million people
  • Most of the people live in urban areas mainly it is along the south-east coast
  • Major ethnic and national groups are European, Asian, Indonesians and Aborigines (they are native Australians)


Places of interests

  • Great barrier reef – the longest on earth
  • The most famous city is Sydney, known for Bondi Beach, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. Near Sydney are the Blue Mountains.
  • In the centre of Australia is the famous red rock Uluru.
  • Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, natural wonders and surfing.
  • Famous Australians
    • Naturalist and TV star Steve Irwin nicknamed „The Crocodile Hunter“ and famous actors from Australia such as Nicole Kidman or Chris Hemsworth.



New Zealand

  • New Zealand is often considered one of the most beautiful countries in the world
  • We can find almost anything there, from active volcanoes to high mountains and golden beaches


Some fact about history

  • Original inhabitants were Maoris
  • The NZ was discovered by Abel Tasman in 17th century
  • James Cook mapped the two main islands in 18th century
  • Colonisation started in the begin of 19th century
  • Full independence was granted in 1931



  • New Zealand lies in south-western Pacific Ocean
  • It consists two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, as well as many smaller islands
  • The largest city, Auckland, and the capital Wellington, are on the North Island
  • The nearest countries are Australia on the west and Fiji on the north


National symbols

  • The flag consists of the British Union Jack in the left upper corner and four red stars in southern Cross constellation



  • The climate is quite pleasant
  • There is a lot of sun and it often rains there
  • Summers are too hot and winters are mild



  • The population is about 4,5 million.
  • New Zealanders like to call themselves Kiwis, after the national icon, a native flightless bird


Industry and Agriculture

  • food, textile industry, farm machinery industry
  • Good mineral resources
  • Fruit, vegetables
  • Based on sheep and cattle breeding (meat, butter, cheese)
  • The first exporter of wool and lamb



  • Rugby Union is the most popular sport. New Zealand is one of the top rugby nations in the world.
  • Peter Jackson is a famous director who made The Lord of the Rings trilogy.


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