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Michal Fric 4.C

American History

There are several different periods that occured in American History such as America’s Independence, Civil War, America in 1990 – 2000 and many many others. Everything started 40000 years ago when ancestors of the American Indians came to America. In 1492 Christopher Colombus discovered America. From 1756 to 1763 there was The Seven Years War. The biggest evolution was at the beginning of 20th century when America became one of the most evolved country in the world.

I decide to speak about American Civil War. It was the war between North and South. Many northern states abolished slavery but southern economy was based on large plantations where slaves were used for growing cotton. Another reason which led to the Civil War was protesting against the President Abraham Lincoln who wanted to leave the Union. In 1863 Lincoln abolished slavery.



The North came out from the war strong and rich. It’s positive only for North. The South was really ruined.

The country became united once again. In my opinion, this is the biggest advantage of the Civil War together with the abolishing of slavery. It’s a good basic for the progress of the USA.

Slavery was abolished in the Constitution in 1865.

Slaves became free.



It took 635 000 lives. It’s really high number of victims and I think the solution of the problem is not war.

The beginning of Ku Klux Klan. It’s the campaign against black people. In my opinion all people are equal no matter about the colour of skin and every race should have the same rights and duties.

In conclusion, the history of the USA is really interesting and everybody should know something about that. There are a lot of films about it, for example The Revenant. I would like to mention one person who was really important for The American Civil War. His name is Abraham Lincoln, the 16th American President and a member of Republican Party. He was not popular on the side of the South and he was assassinated at the Ford Theatre in Washington 5 days after the end of the war.


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