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 Téma: The Environment

 Predmet: Angličtina

 Zaslal(a): Miša H.


  • What are the main problems facing the environment?

I think that a big problem is air pollution in big cities and industrial areas, sometimes you can’t really breath there. We also pollute water with chemicals and trash such as plastic bags. Other big problems are melting of the polar ice caps, climate change or the greenhouse effect. The depletion of the ozone layer is a problem because when strong sunlight gets through the ozone hole to the earth, it can cause cancer in humans. Cutting down rainforests is dangerous because we need the oxygen that comes from rainforests.


  • How does the growth in population affect the environment?

There are over 7 billion people living on the planet and they are putting pressure on the earth’s resources. Forests are being used for fuel and are being cleared for growing crops, that is also a reason why some species are disappearing. Humans are causing more pollution in the oceans by wasting trash and chemicals in the water. There are more cars that are causing pollution and we are using more fossil fuels.


  • What is the impact on our oceans / water?

We are heavily polluting our waters and oceans with waste such as plastics or chemicals from factories. Oil tankers leak fuel and oil, which kill fish and plant life. Many beaches are being closed down because of dangerous amounts of bacteria from sewage disposal. Humans are overfishing and fishing nets are destroying seabed.


  • What is global warming / the greenhouse effect?

Climate scientists say that gases like carbon dioxide are causing global warming. The greenhouse effect is when the air or atmosphere gets too hot, this can cause melting of the polar ice caps and this can lead to raising water levels. Air warmed by the sun gets trapped close to the ground and can’t escape. It is caused by too much carbon dioxide in the air, from factories, electricity plants and cars.


  • What is climate change and what can happen when the climate changes?

Climate change is when there are long-lasting or permanent changes in an area’s weather patterns. These changes can cause extreme weather conditions like floods, snow storms , very hot or cold weather , hurricanes , tornadoes and droughts. These natural disasters are destroying homes and land. Lots of people believe that human activities, such as pollution or toxic chemicals, are affecting climate change.


  • What is biodiversity? Why is it important?

Biodiversity means all the different plants and animals that are in an area. If an area changes too much or is destroyed, it can cause animals or plants to become extinct. If one animal dies out, other animals can’t feed on it and the food chain is broken and in the end this affects more species. People are also concerned about genetically modified foods affecting the natural food chain.


  • What kinds of environmental problems do you have in your region?

In my area there are a few problems. The biggest problem is water pollution because there are many people in my area that just throw trash into the near stream or on the ground. Many people waste water and electricity and don’t recycle because they are lazy.  But fortunately there isn’t a lot of traffic or noise pollution.


  • What does it mean when something is environmentally friendly?

If something is environmentally friendly, it is harmless for the environment. Products that are environmentally friendly are made from recycled, safe or non-toxic ingredients that are not bad for the earth.


  • How can a person be environmentally friendly?

I can be friendly to the environment by picking up my rubbish, recycling and reducing my own personal waste. I can use low-energy light bulbs, turn off lights and electronic devices when they are not being used. I can cut down on pollution by using public transport, riding a bicycle or walking. I can save water by taking shorter showers, fewer baths and saving rainwater to use in my garden. I can use cloth shopping bags instead of plastic bags. I can recycle all of my paper, glass and plastic waste.


  • Which things / materials can be recycled?

Paper and cardboard can be recycled by mixing it with water and creating new paper or cardboard products. Glass bottles can be cleaned and used again or melted down and used for different purposes. Scraps of food can be put on a compost heap. Juice and milk cartons can be recycled. Plastic bottles can be melted down and made into plastic pipes, toys or converted into polyester, which is used for jumpers and tops.  Cans can be melted down and used again. Wood and timber can be shredded and made into chipboard.


  • What is alternative energy?

Alternative energy is energy that does not come from fossil fuels like coal and oil. You can get clean energy from the sun, water and wind. Nuclear energy is clean but storing used nuclear fuel can cause problems to the environment like water or air pollution. It can also be very dangerous if there is an explosion at a nuclear power station.


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